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This is our first blog. Actually, this is my first blog as well. And I hate to admit that the first draft was actually written out on paper. So please forgive me if we break any rules regarding this format. But we have had a voice for a long time, and certainly been a part of the conversation in health care for quite some time. Unfortunately for many, medical IDs have long been “under the radar”…an afterthought…an admission to anyone living with diabetes or heart disease that they live with something that, at times can control them, no matter how in-control they may feel.

Many times patients discover how beneficial a medical ID can be from NOT wearing one. We get far too many calls from people, literally on their way home from the emergency room, asking us how fast we can make their first ID, because they realize how their experience would have been so much better had they been wearing one.

We believe a medical ID should be an extension of you; your personal style. Dare I say, something you are proud of. But more importantly, something that can give you a voice, when you otherwise may not be able to speak. That’s a very simple, yet powerful tool in this age of rising healthcare costs and medical errors. That’s the whole idea behind why this company was started by our founder and CEO, Rick Russell, who still runs the business with the same simplicity, passion and focus.

I’ll stop here…my hand is getting tired. But we look forward to hearing your feedback and contributing on a regular basis. Let us know what you think.

Dirk Van Slyke
Vice President Sales & Marketing

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Amanda Beck writes for American Medical ID on a variety of topics relating to health care and healthy living, especially for those whose medical conditions warrant an emergency ID.

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