Money, Stress and the Effects on Your Body

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A recent Stress in America survey found that 76% of people are stressed by money with work falling close behind. This is a 5% increase from last year’s results.

Stress is not just irritating, but can also have severe effects on your health.

  • Hair – excessive hair loss and some forms of baldness
  • Muscles – aches and spasms
  • Digestive Tract – aggravated diseases, such as gastritis, ulcers and an irritable colon
  • Skin – eczema and psoriasis
  • Brain – insomnia, headaches, personality changes, irritability, and depression
  • Heart – cardiovascular disease and hypertension are strongly connected
  • Lungs – adversely effects people with asthma conditions

There is no best method to relieve stress for everyone.  The best thing to do is try a variety of methods until you find what works for you.  Try these sites for several relaxation methods:

Help Guide– a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people make healthy choices
Mayo Clinic– a not-for-profit health clinic helping with the diagnosis and treatment of virtually every disease
Stress Relief Exercises – site with an assortment of relaxation methods to try

To find more of this study’s results check this USA Today article.