Why are Medical IDs Important?

A medical ID is the easiest and fastest way to share the necessary information that could possibly save your life.

IDs can save your life. According to the Institute of Medicine, preventable medication errors injure at least 1.5 million Americans annually. By wearing a custom-engraved ID medical professionals will have the information they need to help you quickly and  avoid further complications due to the use of medications that may have adverse effects with medications you are currently on, or are allergic to.

According to a survey of the National Association of EMS Educators, 95% of emergency responders look for a medical ID and strongly believe that an ID eliminates guesswork when treating a person who cannot speak or is under duress.

IDs can save you money. By taking away some of the guesswork during diagnosis, fewer treatments need to be  attempted resulting in a smaller bill. A survey of American Medical ID customers showed that of incidents leading to the emergency room, hospital expenses average seven times more than for those who were wearing medical identification.

IDs can keep your loved ones safe. Medical IDs worn by caregivers ensure that your family member will be properly treated in the event you are debilitated. Currently 50 million people in America are caring for loved ones with a chronic condition or disability (National Family Caregivers Association), and according to the AARP half of the US workforce will be caregivers in the next five years. By engraving the caregiver’s name, care recipient’s name, relationship and urgent instructions or contact information, a medical ID can keep your loved one safe in the event something happens to you.

Medical IDs have come along way and no longer scream out to everyone you pass that you have a condition, instead  they now come in a variety of styles from your classic dog tag to charm bracelets and in every metal type. Allowing you to keep your style, but still share the medical facts that could save your life.

Check here for a list of some of the conditions that warrant the use of a medical ID.

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