Medical ID Tattoos: They’re Not What You ThINK

medical ID tattooSome people understand the need for medical identification, but just don’t want to have to wear jewelry. For them, medical ID tattoos seem like a perfect creative solution to the problem.

However, there are several reasons the medical ID tattoo has never really caught on. Here are the top five reasons medical ID tattoos are not all that you might think:

  1. You only have so much space. Sure, you might have a lot of skin available to tattoo, but do you really want to fill it with a list of conditions, medications or allergies? With medical ID jewelry, you can fit a lot of engraving information in a compact space.
  1. Tattoos broadcast your condition to the world. For a medical tattoo to be seen it must be large and in a recognizable spot, such as your left wrist where pulse is normally checked. This placement makes it easy for emergency responders and everyone else to see what your condition is.
  1. Tattoos stick around for life. Even with chronic conditions, things can change over time. Tattoos are permanent, or at the very least are expensive and painful to remove. Because a tattoo is so permanent, you have to really like the design that you get. Like other forms of jewelry, medical ID bracelets or necklaces can be interchanged for different looks depending on your outfit or the occasion.
  1. Tattoos might be seen as art. One popular purpose for getting a tattoo is as a symbol of awareness for conditions or disease loved ones may have. Medical ID tattoos might easily be mistaken as awareness art rather than lifesaving tools.
  1. Emergency responders are trained to notice ID jewelry. The number one reason to get have medical identification is so that in an emergency, a paramedic will take note of the information it holds. They are trained to look for jewelry that has a caduceus or other medical symbol in bracelets and necklaces, and do not have time search for tattoos.

With the variety of colors and styles now available, there are medical ID Medical ID bracelets and necklaces for every taste and lifestyle.

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Amanda Beck writes for American Medical ID on a variety of topics relating to health care and healthy living, especially for those whose medical conditions warrant an emergency ID.

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