5 Superfoods that Promote Heart Health

If you’ve recently switched to a healthier diet, you might be surprised to learn that even some healthy foods are better than others. Select fruits, wines and fish, known as “superfoods,” help to promote heart health with extra benefits such as antioxidants and omega-3’s.

1. Red Wine

Red Wine_72In addition to being a relaxing and tasty beverage, red wine has been shown to increase HDL cholesterol – that’s the good kind. This form of cholesterol is essential in fighting the formation of blood clots. Rich in powerful antioxidants, red wine provides cardiovascular benefits as well. Moderation is key – a glass a day is sufficient to boost your heart’s health.

2. Blueberries

BlueberriesOne of America’s favorite fruits, blueberries have long been a staple of a healthy diet. While researchers initially advised against eating blueberries on account of the fruit’s low Vitamin C content, they have recently discovered that these tiny berries are rich in phytonutrients. Phytonutrients give the body an energy boost and have been shown to fight the formation of cancer cells.

3. Tuna

TunaIn addition to being one of the most affordable varieties of fish on the market, tuna is ripe with powerful omega-3 fatty acids. Also called EFA’s, these fatty acids are shown to reduce LDL cholesterol – the bad kind, which can clog arteries and lead to heart disease. Add in the numerous benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, like increased brain function and better skin, and there’s no reason not to enjoy some tuna every now and then.

4. Salmon

Salmon FilletThink of salmon as the “high end” alternative to tuna. Priced a little higher, salmon contains the same omega-3 fatty acids and carries with it the same health benefits. As an added perk, the recipes for salmon are a bit more diverse and salmon has a flavor many people love.

5. Cherries

Cherry TartWhile blueberries are notoriously low in Vitamin C, cherries have a great deal of this essential vitamin that helps to fight off disease by boosting the immune system. The antioxidants found in cherries help to prevent cancer, increase heart health and reduce aches and pains. They’re also rich in melatonin, which is essential in regulating the body’s internal clock.

Taking a proactive approach to health

All of these foods, when enjoyed in moderation, help to promote heart health and reduce the risk of cancer, dangerous blood clots, diabetes and more. If you have already been diagnosed with any of these medical conditions, these foods can also reduce symptoms, allowing you to have a better quality of life.


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