Children’s Medical IDs Just Got a Whole Lot Cuter!

So the doctor recently told you that you should get a personalized children’s medical ID bracelet or pendant to wear just in case of an emergency?

More and more doctors are recommending a medical ID for children with any of a number of chronic conditions like asthma, severe food or drug allergies, diabetes, and epilepsy.

Medical IDs are being recommended because they can drastically increase the speed and quality of care in an emergency situation. If a child is experiencing allergy related symptoms, wouldn’t they get faster and better care if the EMT knew that the child has a tree nut allergy and has an EpiPen in their backpack?

However, your child probably doesn’t want to wear one of those old, stodgy rectangular medical IDs on a metal chain. Don’t despair, kid’s medical ID bracelets and pendants have come a long way and there are many different fun and functional styles to choose from. Just take a look at these!

children's dino action medical ID bracelet

Dino Action Bracelet

children's floral butterfly action medical ID bracelet

Floral Butterfly Action Bracelet


children's epic rustic medical ID bracelet

Epic Rustic Leather Bracelet

children's gold mingle cinnamon suede medical ID bracelet

Gold Mingle on Cinnamon Faux Suede





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Amanda Beck writes for American Medical ID on a variety of topics relating to health care and healthy living, especially for those whose medical conditions warrant an emergency ID.

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