Timeless Valentine


As time goes by from year to year,

One thing is surely true, my dear;

Though decades come and decades go,

Just seeing you sets me aglow.


Time shifts my body; I start to sag,

When I pass a mirror, it can make me gag.

My joints all ache; I can hardly move;

Still a smile from you, and I’m in the groove.


Getting older can be a pain,

But with you along, I can’t complain.

Despite the things that we go through,

I know I’ll never stop loving you.


Your loving heart turns life to play,

As we laugh at time from day to day.

So I write this poem, and I’ll hang my sign,

Saying, “Always Be My Valentine.”


– Priya Shroff –

About Amanda Beck

Amanda Beck writes for American Medical ID on a variety of topics relating to health care and healthy living, especially for those whose medical conditions warrant an emergency ID.