Back to School the Safe Way

  It’s hard to believe but it’s already back to school time!  It seems the summer days go by so quickly.  For kids heading back, it’s important to remember their safety; especially important for children with allergies or… Read More

Arriving on the wings of a storm

With tropical storm Eduard on my heels causing a very turbulent 30 minute ride after take off, I landed safely in Washington, DC to begin setting up our booth for the AADE 2008 conference.                              This… Read More

American Medical ID Exhibits at AADE Annual Conference

I’m packing my bags for Washington, D.C.  American Medical ID is exhibiting at the American Association of Diabetes Educators Annual Meeting.  This marks our 9th year exhibiting at the conference and for me, personally, my 8th appearance!  I… Read More

Are You Allergic to Your Jewelry?

Whether it is worn for fashion, function or to convey a message, wearing jewelry has become a part of everyone’s daily dressing routine.  But are you aware that a small portion of our global population is allergic to… Read More

Welcome to American Medical ID

This is our first blog. Actually, this is my first blog as well. And I hate to admit that the first draft was actually written out on paper. So please forgive me if we break any rules regarding… Read More