American Medical IDs Now Offered in Over 17,000 Pharmacies

A child having a severe allergic reaction to peanut butter in the classroom, a diabetic whose blood sugar drops and becomes confused or passes out, a heart patient taking Coumadin who has just been in an automobile accident;… Read More

Introducing our Silicone Flex Bracelet

We are excited to announce the addition of our new silicone flex medical id bracelets!  These durable, light-weight bracelets are available with interchangeable silicone bands.  Right now we have 8 fun colors to choose from. Our silicone ID bracelets feature… Read More

Benefits of Online Medical Registry

The precise conditions of a medical emergency cannot be predicted, but ensuring that medical providers have accurate information can be absolutely crucial. Registering with an online medical registry such as with American Medical ID can prevent potentially life-threatening… Read More

Wearing a Medical ID Bracelet at Work

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Recycling Your Medical ID Bracelet – Is it Time?

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Exercising Outdoors? Stay Safe with Medical ID Jewelry

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Avoid Food Allergy Mishaps with a Medical ID Bracelet

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How to Get Reimbursed for a Medical ID Bracelet

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Mother’s Day Medical ID Bracelets – The Perfect Gift

A Mother’s Day gift can be both attractive and practical. When it is both, it shows thoughtfulness that any mother will appreciate. Nothing is more practical and thoughtful than helping your mother stay safe. Medical ID bracelets are… Read More

American Medical ID Affiliate Program Changes

We’re pleased to announce that American Medical ID is switching our Affiliate Program to the HasOffers network. Why Should I Promote American Medical ID? Becoming an American Medical ID Online Affiliate can put easy money in your wallet… Read More