Health News Brief: Menís Breast Cancer Often More Deadly, Jogging Boosts Lifespan Up to Six Years, Aspirin as Effective as Warfarin for Heart Failure American Medical ID


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Health News Brief

May 15, 2012   

Menís Breast Cancer Often More Deadly
Breast cancer in men is much less common than it is in women, but it may be more deadly.
Source: American Society of Breast Surgeons Read More

Jogging Boosts Lifespan Up to Six Years
Are you a jogger? A new study suggests you might want to take it up as an activity.
Source: EuroPRevent2012 Conference Read More

Women With Melanoma Fare Better Than Men
Women diagnosed with melanoma are more likely to survive the skin cancer than men and less likely to have it recur, according to a European study.
Source: Journal of Clinical Oncology Read More

High Fructose Intake May Up Risk of Liver Disease in Obese and Diabetics
Obese and diabetic people who consume increased amounts of fructose, a type of sugar that is found in particular in soft drinks and fruit juices, are at risk for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and its more severe forms, fatty inflammation and scarring.
Source: Duke University Medical Center Read More

Aspirin as Effective as Warfarin for Heart Failure
Doctors, patients may opt for cheaper, over-the-counter aspirin, researchers say.
Source: Colombia University, NYC Read More

National Health Observance Months
Throughout the year youíll notice that we feature certain health observance months to keep you informed. We realize, however, there are many other important observances that we may overlook.

For instance, did you know that May is Healthy Vision Month and Lupus Awareness Month? And that's not all!

To view more health observances, please visit the 2012 National Health Information Center: Click Here


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