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Health News Brief

June 5, 2012   

Sleeping in Parents' Bed May Reduce Kids' Obesity Risk
Parents who let their young children climb into bed with them during the night may decrease their child's risk of obesity, a new study from Denmark suggests.
Source: European Congress on Obesity Read More

Asthma Meds May Be Linked to Irregular Heartbeat
New research suggests that young asthma patients who use drugs known as inhaled anticholinergics -- such as ipratropium -- could be more likely than others to suffer from potentially dangerous irregular heartbeat.
Source: American Thoracic Society Read More

Managing Cost of Diabetes Checks
Looking for ways to spend less money may be difficult if you have diabetes. But if you have diabetes and don't closely monitor and control your disease, you dramatically increase your risk for diabetes complications. The cost of treating such complications can be much greater than what might be spent on medications and supplies.
Source: American Diabetes Association Read More

7 Bad Foods that are Actually Good for You
Are you shying away from bad foods that are actually good for you? With all the hoopla about healthful eating, its hard to separate fact from fiction.
Source: Katherine Tallmadge, The Washington Post Read More

Children of Mothers Over 40 'Are Healthier and More Intelligent and Less Likely to Have Accidents' They might be harder to catch and no doubt leave their mothers more exhausted but children born to mums over 40 are healthier and brighter than those of younger women.
Source: The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Read More

Importance of Wearing a Medical ID with Diabetes

Medical alert bracelets enable rapid identification of patients with a number of illnesses, including diabetes, which can make them unable to communicate their illness to others.

Medical alert bracelets can be extremely important for people with diabetes.

To find out why a medical ID is important and how it can help, visit Joslin Diabetes Center.
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