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Health News Brief

June 26, 2012   

Secondhand Smoke Linked to Raised Diabetes Risk
Exposure to secondhand smoke seems to be associated with an increased risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes in adults, according to a new study.
Source: U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Read More

Hospital Births in Canada Fall for First Time in a Decade
Hospitals have recorded a drop in the number of babies born across the country, reversing a 10-year trend of increasing birth rates.
Source: Canadian Institute for Health Information Read More

Even Known Food Allergens Dangerous for Kids
Even when parents and caregivers are aware of infants' food allergies and have been instructed in avoiding potentially dangerous trigger foods, allergic reactions still occur, the result of both accidental and non-accidental exposures, a study finds.
Source: Pediatrics Read More

Breast Cancer Risk Reduced 30 Percent in Women Who Exercise 10 Hours Per Week
Women may significantly reduce their risk for breast cancer by exercising a couple hours each day, a new study finds. The study found that even mild physical activity like walking reduced risk for the disease that strikes 227,000 new women each year.
Source: American Cancer Society's journal, Cancer Read More

Battle of the Bulge: Does Treating Obesity as a
Disease Help?
Harping on people ad nauseam to lose weight is rather "sadistic", there's little evidence the treatment of obesity works and even the benefits of weight loss are debatable.
Source: College of Family Physicians of Canada Read More

Donít Forget to Vote for the Facebook Video Contest!
As you may know, our video contest on why you wear a medical ID concluded June 22nd. We received some great entries and now itís time to vote.

Please visit our Facebook page and vote for your favorite entry. If you havenít already, please ďlikeĒ our page first.

You can vote until July 8th so thereís still plenty of time. Also, stay tuned for the announcement of the winners. A big thanks to all of those who participated.
To view videos and vote:
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