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Health News Brief

August 7, 2012   

Chemical in Soaps, Lotions, May Increase Risk of Diabetes in Women
A new study has found an connection between a commonly-used chemical in personal care products, such as lotion and soaps, and an increased risk of diabetes in women.
Source: Environmental Health Perspectives Read More

Working Out in the Middle of the Work Day
With the three-martini lunch gone the way of the typewriter, office workers are free to discover the healthier perks of midday movement.
Source: American Council on Exercise Read More

Hip and Knee Replacement Tied to Heart Attack Risk
Older patients having a hip or a knee replaced have a higher risk of heart attack in the two weeks after the procedure compared to those who don't need joint surgery, according to a new study.
Source: Archives of Internal Medicine Read More

Seeing Certain Foods Prompts Kids to Eat Healthier
Just because healthful foods are available in school cafeterias doesn't mean children are going to eat them, but in some cases, the very presence of such foods as whole fruit may actually prompt kids to make healthier choices, even if fruit is never selected.
Source: Agricultural and Resource Economics Review Read More

1 in 20 Cases of Melanoma Linked to Tanning Beds
Those who bronze themselves in tanning beds face a 20 percent increased risk of skin cancer, and that raised risk reaches 87 percent if they start before they are 35 years old, new research indicates.
Source: British Medical Journal Read More

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

This August, as we recognize National Immunization Awareness Month, take the time to protect yourself against the upcoming flu season and all communicable disease by getting all your vaccines.

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