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Health News Brief

August 14, 2012   

Antipsychotic Use Growing in U.S. Kids and Teens
Antipsychotic drugs are prescribed during almost one in three of all visits kids and teens make to psychiatrists in the United States, according to a new study, up from about one in eleven during the 1990s.
Source: Archives of General Psychiatry Read More

Honey May Ease Nighttime Coughing in Kids
A spoonful of honey before bed may help little kids with a cough - and their parents - sleep through the night, a new study suggests.
Source: Pediatrics Read More

Food Allergy Label Changes Come into Affect
Health Canada's new food labeling regulations, which came into force Saturday, will make it easier for people with food allergies, their families and caregivers to determine which products to avoid.
Source: Health Canada Read More

Cheese 'Beat Diabetes': Just Two Slices a Day Could Reduce Risk of Developing the Disease
If you are trying to slim down, you may have crossed cheese off the menu. But scientists have discovered it may actually help prevent diabetes – an illness often triggered by being overweight.
Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Read More

Heart Attack, Stroke More Common in Shift Workers
Working the night shift or any non-traditional schedule may increase your risk of heart attack and stroke, a study shows.
Source: British Medical Journal Read More

Health Tip: Diabetes Isn’t a Ticket to Inactivity

The American Diabetes Association offers these suggestions before you start working out:

Track your progress; keep an exercise log or use a pedometer

Wear a medical ID tag that identifies you as diabetic.

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