Health News Brief: Fat Transplant Cuts Obesity Prevents Diabetes, 3D Imaging Boosts Breast Cancer Detection, One in Four School Children Has Heart Disease Risk Factors American Medical ID


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Health News Brief

January 15. 2013   

One in Four School Children Has Heart Disease
Risk Factors
One in four school-going children in Ireland has risk factors for heart disease, according to new research.
Source: Wellness Economic Initiative Alliance Read More

Fat Transplant Cuts Obesity, Prevents Diabetes
A transplant of brown fat, which burns calories and regulates the metabolism, could combat obesity, a study has revealed.
Source: Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston Read More

Probiotics Show Allergy, Immune System Benefits: Nestle Study
Eight weeks of supplementation (of probiotics) were associated with a decrease in levels of allergic and pro-inflammatory markers, compared with placebo, according to findings published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
Source: European Journal of Clinical Nutrition Read More

Flu Spreads to 47 States, But May Be Starting to Wane, CDC Says
Flu activity remains high across the United States, but there are signs this year’s bad season may be waning in some areas, government health officials said Friday.
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Read More

3D Imaging Boosts Breast Cancer Detection
Breast cancer detection increased by 27% when three-dimensional mammography was combined with conventional breast imaging, investigators reported.
Source: Radiology, University of Oslo - Norway Read More


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