Health News Brief: Clearer Food Labels May Help With Healthier Choices, Heart Problems Tied To Early Signs of Dementia, Living Near Equator May Boost Your Risk For Allergy & Asthma American Medical ID


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Health News Brief

February 5. 2013   

Clearer Food Labels Might Help with Healthier
Food Choices
Different labels on food that clearly display the number of calories and nutrients in the entire package, rather than just part of it, might help people make healthier food choices, according to a study from the US Food and Drug Administration.
Source: Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Read More

Heart Problems Tied to Early Signs of Dementia
Older women with heart problems may be at greater risk for mental changes that are thought to signal the beginnings of a type of dementia, a new study shows.
Source: WebMD Read More

Pediatricians Issue First-Ever Diabetes Guidelines for Children
With childhood obesity rates on the rise, pediatricians are doing something they couldn’t have imagined a need for a decade ago: they’re debuting guidelines for managing weight-related diabetes among youngsters.
Source: University of Florida Read More

Physical Therapy Booms with Aging, Active Seniors
One of Brian Cronin’s physical therapy clients is in her 80s and is still skiing. Another is middle-aged, recovering from a water skiing injury. Another is a middle-school-age girl with Olympic gymnast dreams.
Source: The Spokesman-Review Read More

Living Near Equator May Boost Your Risk for Allergy, Asthma
People who live close to the equator may be more likely to have
allergies and asthma than those in other parts of the world, a new study suggests.
Source: Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Read More


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