Health News Brief: April Is Autism Awareness Month!, Researchers Link Air Pollution To Heart Attacks, How (And Why) To Introduce Allergens To Your Infant American Medical ID


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Health News Brief

April 2. 2013   

April Is Autism Awareness Month!
In order to highlight the growing need for concern and awareness about autism, the Autism Society has been celebrating National Autism Awareness Month since the 1970s.
Source: Autism Society Read More

Researchers Link Air Pollution To Heart Attacks
Air pollution causes heart attacks and death. Especially when the pollutants include ozone and particulate matter. And more often in the summer time, when ozone levels are higher.
Source: Rice University Read More

Can Sitting Give You Diabetes?
Diabetes and overall chronic disease are more likely in men who sit for extended periods. Are you sitting too much these days? This type of inactivity increases the risk of developing chronic and potentially deadly diseases. Try taking a walk today.
Source: University of Western Sydney, School of Science & Health Read More

7 Ways To Prevent Arthritis
View this quick slideshow to find out the 7 simple things recent research suggests you should do to prevent arthritis.
Source: AARP Read More

How (And Why) To Introduce Allergens To Your Infant
In the last decade, prevailing beliefs about timing the introduction of highly allergenic foods to babies have undergone a sea of change. For decades, parents were advised to delay introducing allergenic foods until 12 months (cow’s milk dairy), 24 months (eggs) or even 36 months of age (fish, tree nuts, peanuts).
Source: The American Academy of Pediatrics Read More


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