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Health News Brief

April 23. 2013   

Intensive Care MDs: More White Coats, Fewer Piercings Preferred
Itís not just your mom whoís suspicious of body art: Families of patients in intensive care units said that physicians who donít display piercings or tattoos make a better first impression, according to survey results.
Source: JAMA Internal Medicine Read More

Siblingís Death May Boost Your Risk Of Heart Attack
When a brother or sister dies -- especially from a heart attack -- the risk of a surviving sibling also dying from a heart attack increases sharply in the following years, a large new study from Sweden suggests.
Source: Journal of the American Heart Association Read More

Certain Diabetes Medication May Lower Heart
Failure Risk
Study found people taking newer drugs were 44 percent less likely to be hospitalized with the condition.
Source: Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit Read More

Guide To Buying A Hearing Aid
Nearly 2/3 of Americans age 70 and older have experienced mild to severe hearing loss, and yet only 1/5 use hearing aids.
Source: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Read More

The Doctor Trying To Solve The Mystery Of
Food Allergies
No one is certain why food allergies are on the rise. By now nearly 15 million Americans have a food allergy, ranging from moderate to severe. One of every 13 children has one.
Source: Stanford Alliance For Food Allergy Research Read More


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