More Than 4 In 10 US Teens Text While Driving, Children On Track For A Heart Attack, CDC: Food Allergies Increasing American Medical ID


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Health News Brief

May 30. 2013   

More Than 4 In 10 U.S. Teens Text While Driving: Survey
43% of American high school students admit to texting while driving, according to a new study. The findings show that too many teens are ignoring warnings about the risks of this dangerous habit.
Source: American Academy of Pediatrics Read More

Children On Track For A Heart Attack
Lowering bad cholesterol gets most of the attention in preventing heart disease. A new study in children found that the ratio of triglycerides to good cholesterol is an important tool in assessing arterial health.
Source: Pediatrics Read More

Hormone Offers Hope For Diabetes Treatment
A newly discovered mouse hormone may open the door to better treatment for diabetes, researchers suggested Thursday.
Source: Cell Read More

Older Drivers: 7 Tips For Driver Safety
Driving can sometimes be challenging for older adults. Follow these safety tips for older drivers, from taking good care of yourself to planning ahead and updating your skills.
Source: Mayo Clinic Read More

CDC: Food Allergies Increasing
More people are affected by food allergies now than in previous years, according to a recent report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Read More


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