Health News Brief: Stressful Events Linked To Fall Risk For Older Men, 7 Incredible Breast Cancer Breakthroughs, Rosacea Linked To Cardiovascular Disease? American Medical ID


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Health News Brief

October 15. 2013   

Rosacea Linked To Cardiovascular Disease?
People with rosacea may be at increased risk for cardiovascular disease, a new study found. In the small study conducted in Ankara, Turkey, researchers examined 60 rosacea patients and an equal number of people without the disorder.
Source: Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology & Venereology Read More

Weight Loss Doesn’t Help Heart Health For Diabetics
Hundreds of overweight or obese people with diabetes have been able to do something very few Americans have done: lose a big chunk of weight and keep it off for 10 years.
Source: New England Journal of Medicine Read More

FDA Issues Alert For Sale Of Illegal Diabetes Treatments
The FDA has announced they will take regulatory action against 15 companies which currently sell illegally marketed diabetes products, according to an agency press release. The foreign and domestic companies responsible for selling diabetes products online and in retail stores have been issued notification letters of federal violations.
Source: FDA Read More

Stressful Events Linked To Fall Risk For Older Men
Loss of a loved one, serious financial trouble and other major stressful life events could set older men up for a fall, researchers say. In a new study, men aged 65 and older who experienced stressful events were more likely than men who didn't to fall during the subsequent year, and multiple stressful events raised men's chances of taking a tumble even further.
Source: Age and Ageing Read More

7 Incredible Breast Cancer Breakthroughs
More women than ever before are winning the fight against breast cancer, thanks to dramatic improvements in early detection and treatment. And for the most part, long-term survivors enjoy an equally good quality of life as women who have never had the disease, according to a new study.
Source: Journal of Clinical Oncology Read More


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