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Health News Brief

October 22. 2013   

Have Scientists Found An On/Off Switch For Hunger?
Ending obesity would be so easy if we could just turn off the switch in our brains that said eat more, or on the other hand, if anorexics could just turn on that switch. Right? Well we just got one step closer to making that a reality, because scientists have now pinpointed the groups of cells that cause people to eat and to stop eating, and developed a so-called on/off switch with which they were able to control the eating habits in mice.
Source: Johns Hopkins University Read More

New Study Links PTSD To Heart Disease, Other Ailments
More scientists worry that mental illnesses from war, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, can damage the body as much as the emotions. Some even speculate that war could cause an early aging affect.
Source: Journal of the American College of Cardiology Read More

Another Medtech Bear On The Market Focuses On Diabetes Patient Education For Kids
Move over, Teddy The Guardian. Thereís another toy bear on the loose. Unlike Teddy, Jerry the Bear doesnít monitor the health status of the child, but rather teaches children with Type-1 Diabetes how to manage blood-glucose levels, maintain a healthy diet and more, through interactive games and play.
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5 Vitamins You Might Be Missing
When we think of sickness in America, scurvy isnít exactly at the top of the list ó because most of us get vitamin C in our diets. Unlike our ancestors, we typically donít have to worry about serious vitamin deficiency disorders. But that does not mean we get all the essential vitamins and minerals we need to protect against chronic health problems. If youíre missing the following five vitamins, learn how to add them to your diet.
Source: Cleveland Clinic Read More

The Shape Of Your Wine Glass Could Be Giving You A Hangover
The size and shape of a wine glass ó and the color of the libation ó greatly influence a drinkerís assessment of portion control. Researchers from the University of Iowa and Cornell University tested six environmental cues thought to influence perception of liquid volume, including the most obvious: the size of the glass.
Source: The University of Iowa & Cornell University Read More


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