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Health News Brief

January 21. 2014   

Younger Women With Type 2 Diabetes Face Higher Risk Of Heart Disease
Heart disease is the leading cause of death among women in the United States, and is caused by the gradual buildup of plaque in the arteries.
Source: American Heart Association Read More

Milk Intake During Pregnancy May Affect Height And Have Benefits That Last Well Into Early Adulthood
A number of studies have found that babies tend to weigh more and grow more quickly if expectant mothers drink milk. By their late teens these children also had higher levels of insulin in their bloodstream, suggesting they were less at risk of getting type two diabetes.
Source: European Journal of Clinical Nutrition Read More

Staying On The Holiday Fitness Track
Lasting success in any undertaking is about becoming a master at getting back on track. Learning how to deal with the bad days will, over time, be the determining factor in how many good days you have.
Source: Huffpost Healthy Living Read More

Eating Nuts During Pregnancy Linked To Lower
Allergy Risk
With the spike in childhood food allergies over the past generation, doctors once believed that the best way to reverse the trend was to keep babies away from highly allergenic foods.
Source: JAMA Pediatrics Read More

Tips For Traveling With Seniors
Just because you’re caring for an elderly loved one doesn’t mean you have to cancel the annual family vacation. With a little planning, you can still get away and have an enjoyable time.
Source: Renata Gelman, RN, BSN Read More


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