Health News Brief: Heart Disease Warning At Age 18, Google’s Smart Lenses Aid Diabetic Testing, How To Be A Better Grandparent American Medical ID


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Health News Brief

April 1, 2014   

Heart Attack Symptoms Women Shouldn't Ignore
An estimated 38,000 women under age 50 have heart attacks each year in the U.S. But heart trouble can easily be confused with other ailments, like indigestion. Check out this symptom decoder so you don't miss any warning signs.
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Google’s Smart Lenses Aid Diabetic Testing
Google announced on its website the prototype of a contact lens that’s smart. The contact lens does not have built-in navigation yet, but it does have the ability to help diabetes suffers.
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Food Allergies: Understanding Food Labels
U.S. food labels take some of the guesswork out of label reading, helping you more easily identify foods that could cause an allergic reaction.
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What Does 'Healthy' Mean For My Child?
What does "healthy" really look like for a 2- to 5-year-old child? Should you be counting calories or hitting the gym(boree)? And if your kid is a picky eater -- as most are -- how can you ensure they're getting the essential nutrients?
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How To Be A Better Grandparent
Whether you’re a full-time grandparent, a step-grandparent, or a long distance grandparent living thousands of miles away, you can find new ways to strengthen family ties and provide your grandchildren with joyful memories and valuable life lessons.
Source: Lawrence Robinson and Jeanne Segal Ph.D Read More


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