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December 28, 2010
Health News Brief: Living Alone Can Be Dangerous For Your Health, Deaths from Heart Disease Down 28 Percent, Study Spells Out the Science Behind Beauty Rest

December 14, 2010
Health News Brief: 10 Signs That It's Time to Give Up the Keys, Importance of Wearing a Medical Alert Bracelet with Diabetes, Bypass Patients Can Benefit from a Few Drinks

December 7, 2010
Health News Brief: Traveling with Medical Conditions, Family Ties Play Big Role in Atrial Fibrillation, Diabetes and Your Diet: Busting 7 Myths

November 16, 2010
Health News Brief: Even 1 Soda a Day Can Hike Your Diabetes Risk, Money is Big Issue in Stress Survey, Chocolate Eaters May Have Healthier Hearts

November 9, 2010
Health News Brief: One Million Blood Pressure Tracking Cards Donated to Veterans, Exercise May Help Beat the Common Cold, Death Rates Fall to All-Time Low

November 2, 2010
Health News Brief: Fathers on Fatty Diet May Give Diabetes to Daughters, Food Allergies Linked to Asthma Risk, Barbershop Program Linked to Blood Pressure Benefits

October 26, 2010
Health News Brief: Season of Birth May Affect Kids' Allergies, 6 Diet Foods to Avoid, Blood Pressure Readings: Why Higher at Home?

October 21, 2010
Health News Brief: Is Living Under a Flight Path Bad for the Heart?, 7.6 Million Americans Suffer Food Allergies, Almost One-Quarter of U.S. Adults Have Arthritis

October 12, 2010
Health News Brief: Processed Meat Raises Questions, USA is Fattest of 33 Countries, Link Between Food Allergies and Asthma Severity

October 5, 2010
Health News Brief: Food Allergies Make Kids a Target of Bullies, Medical IDs that are Glam and Hi-Tech, Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite

September 28, 2010
Health News Brief: Drug Allergy? Wear a Medical ID, Take Work-Life Balance One Step at a Time, Flu Shot Linked to Reduced Heart Attack Risk

September 21, 2010
Health News Brief : Gloomy Personality Ups Heart Risk, Restroom Spies Say We're Washing Hands More Often, Lack of Sleep for Babies and Toddlers May Increase Obesity Risk

September 14, 2010
Health News Brief: Insulin: You've Got Choices, 7 Reasons Why Fruits and Veggies are Good for Heart Health, Half of "Untreatable" Asthma Cases May be Treatable

September 7, 2010
Health News Brief: Stress in Middle Age Could Contribute to Late-Life Dementia, Why Getting Old Means Drinking Less, 'DASH Diet' Shown to Lower Heart Attack Risk Almost 20%

August 31, 2010
Health News Brief: Tough Childhoods May Contribute to Adult Heart Disease, Study Puts Cost of Medical Errors at $19.5 Billion, Green Leafy Veg Reduces Diabetes Risk

August 24, 2010
Health News Brief: Antagonistic People May Have Increase Heart Attack, Stroke Risk, Diabetes Accounts for One-Fifth of U.S. Hospitalizations, Costs $83B, Food Labels' Sins of Omission

August 17, 2010
Health News Brief: Driving Safely with Diabetes, Belly Fat May Double Risk of Death for Older Adults, What do Food Allergy Labels Really Mean?

August 10, 2010
Health News Brief: Heart Risk Factors Less Common in Fish Lovers, Exercise, Tea and Vitamin D to Ward Off Dementia, Depression Linked to Slow Healing of Diabetic Foot Ulcers

August 5, 2010
Health News Brief: Stroke Risk may Double in First Hour After a Drink, Kitchen Land Mines: 10 Foods to Avoid, Therapy May Help Some With Deadly Peanut Allergy

July 27, 2010
Health News Brief: Seizures and Medical IDs, Sleep Apnea Could Raise Heart Risks for Older Men, Mediterranean Diet May Not Protect Against Asthma

July 22, 2010
Health News Brief: Bran Intake Helps Those with Diabetes, Is Picky Eating an Early Sign of Autism?, Fructose Intake May Increase Blood Pressure Risk

July 13, 2010
Health News Brief: Heart-Health Benefits of Wine Questioned, Many Americans Clueless of How Many Calories They Do or Should Eat, Diet Cola Drains Calcium in Women

July 8, 2010
Health News Brief: Gaining Weight Later in Life Ups Diabetes Risk, Early Exposure to Cow's Milk has Benefits, Common Pain Relievers Raise Heart Risk for Healthy Folks

July 1, 2010
Health News Brief: Many Diabetics Unaware of Hot Weather Hazards, Insufficient Vitamin D Tied to Severe Asthma Attacks, Ten Foods You Should Be Eating

June 22, 2010
Health News Brief: Exercise Helps Reduce Falls in Young and Old, Those Who Eat Brown Rice May Have Less Diabetes, Neighborhood Violence May Raise Kids’ Asthma Risk

June 17, 2010
Health News Brief: Anxiety Disorders May Boost Heart Attack Risk, Many Americans Sleep-Deprived, Are Your Feet at Risk?

June 8, 2010
Health News Brief: Burger Diet Linked to Higher Childhood Asthma Risk, 10 Ways to Control Your High Blood Pressure without Medication, Caffeine Addicts Get No Real Perk from Morning Cup

June 1, 2010
Health News Brief: One Sleepless Night Ups Insulin Resistance, Stronger Evidence Pollution Damages Heart, A Natural Fruit Compound May Help Asthma

May 27, 2010
Health News Brief: Waiting to Fill Blood Thinner Prescription Dangerous, Calcium May Help You Live Longer, Moderate Drinking Cuts Diabetes Threat

May 20, 2010
Health News Brief: Weight Loss Key in Fight Against Diabetes, Think You’re Lactose Intolerant? You Might Be Wrong, The ABCs of Heart Attack Prevention

May 13, 2010
Health News Brief: Managing Type 1 Diabetes Can Stress Teens, More With Dementia Wander From Home, Parent Error Common When Medicating Chronically Ill Kids

May 6, 2010
Health News Brief: Bad Habits: Poor Diet, Smoking, Drinking, Sloth Can Age You 12 Years, Low Vitamin D and Heart Risk, Battling Blood Pressure: How Low Should You Go?

April 29, 2010
Health News Brief: Winter Babies are More Prone to Food Allergies, Earlier Diabetes Screening Worthwhile, People Get Hungrier When They're Starved for Sleep

April 20, 2010
Health News Brief: Lunchtime Coffee Break Best for Fighting Diabetes, Why You Should Monitor Your Blood Pressure at Home, Low-Cal Diets Make You Gain Weight

April 15, 2010
Health News Brief: Diabetes Educators Play Key Role, 1 in 4 Seniors Need Health Care Decisions Made for Them, Potassium-Rich Foods Do a Heart Good

April 8, 2010
Health News Brief: Protecting Your Heart with Whole Grains, Americans of All Races Don't Get Enough Sleep, Recent Studies Link Obesity to Food Allergies

April 1, 2010
Health News Brief: People Still Trust their Doctors Rather than the Internet, Avoiding 'Boomeritus'-- The Achilles' Heel of a Fit Generation, Increasing Soda Consumption Fuels Rise in Diabetes, Heart Disease

March 25, 2010
Health News Brief: Lunchtime Coffee Break Best for Fighting Diabetes, Meatless Meals: The Benefits of Eating Less Meat, Cancer Costs More than Doubled in 40-Year Fight

March 18, 2010
Health News Brief: Having Prediabetes May Not Kick-Start Prevention Efforts, Women Need More Help After Heart Attack, U.S. Gets Annual Health Checkup

March 9, 2010
Health News Brief: Blood Test Might Sort Out Milk Allergies, Sea Squirt may be Good Alzheimer's Model, Quarter of Stroke Patients Die within a Year

March 4, 2010
Health News Brief: Diabetes Superfoods, Treating Hypertension as You Age, UV Rays are UV Rays

February 25, 2010
Health News Brief: Pets in Airline Cabins Pose Allergy Risk, More than Half of Americans Use Internet for Health, First Aid and Seizures Portrayed Inaccurately on TV

February 18, 2010
Health News Brief: 6 Secrets to a Healthy Heart, State Urges Food Allergy Safety in Restaurants, Study Toasts Beer as Being Good for Your Bones

February 4, 2010
Health News Brief: February is American Heart Month, Tight Blood Sugar Control May Raise Risk of Death, Pharmacists Adjust to Changing Roles

January 28, 2010
Health News Brief: Economic Burden of Diabetes Tops $200B, How to Stay Healthy 'Up in the Air', For Heart Health, Focus on Risk Factors

January 21, 2010
Health News Brief: Job Stress May Raise Diabetes Risk in Women, Fat in Rear is Good for You, Nearly Half of Americans Concerned about Alzheimer's

January 14, 2010
Health News Brief: Hazards of Obesity Now Rival Smoking in U.S., Are Celebrities Crossing the Line on Medical Advice?, Top Reasons Those 'Get Fit' Resolutions Don't Stick



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