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December 20, 2011
Health News Brief: Nasty Germs Lurking in Raw Cookie Dough, Popular Kids Cereal as Sugary as Desserts, Home Environment Affects Asthmatic Kids

November 22, 2011
Health News Brief: New Recommendation for the Flu Vaccine and Egg Allergies, High-Fiber Diet May Help Thwart Colon Cancer, Super Broccoli May Help Heart

November 15, 2011
Health News Brief: Junk Food Triggers Obesity, Diabetes in Kids and Teens, Health Habits Key to Recovery From Heart Disease, Obesity, Sleep Apnea, and Cognitive Problems in Children Linked

November 1, 2011
Health News Brief: Why ID Matter for Exercise, Can a Muffin Help Doctors Diagnose Diabetes?, Why Dieters Can’t Keep the Weight Off

October 25, 2011
Health News Brief: Kids and Grown-Ups Can Mistake Candy for Medicine, Dancing Can Help Prevent Diabetes, Sharp Drop in Heart Failure Admissions

October 18, 2011
Health News Brief: Obesity Rate Declines Slightly, Unhealthy Snacking Habits Start Early, Vigorous Exercise Boosts Vitamin D While Lowering Heart Risk

October 13, 2011
Health News Brief: Children’s Packed Lunches ‘Lack Fruit and Veg’, Teens Who Burn the Midnight Oil Less Lean, Men at Higher Risk of Diabetes Than Women

October 4, 2011
Health News Brief: Coffee Can Cut Depression Risk in Women, Fighting Cervical Cancer With Vinegar and Ingenuity, Common Painkillers Can Raise Heart Risk

September 27, 2011
Health News Brief: Depression Raises Stroke Risk, Target Heart Rate Formula Made Especially for Women, U.N. to Address Spread of Chronic Diseases

September 20, 2011
Health News Brief: Diabetes “Massive Challenge” as Cases Hit 366 Million, Keep Baby Allergies at Bay with Fish, Walnut Oil, and Flaxseed, Birth Control Device Cuts Cancer Risk

Sepember 13, 2011
Health News Brief: Smoking Cessation Linked to Happiness, Many Lifestyle Factors Linked to Diabetes Risk, Laughter and Chocolate can Boost Heart Health

September 8, 2011
Health News Brief: Shift Work May Have Little Impact on Pregnancy, Office Desktop Dining Still Tops the Charts, Lose Dangerous Belly Fat with a Diet High in Protein and Dairy

August 30, 2011
Health News Brief: Back to School Backpack Reminders, From the Flight Deck: Diabetics, Watch Your Insulin, Menthol Smokers Can’t Quit Smoking

August 23, 2011
Health News Brief: Will You Have A Heart Attack? These Tests Might Tell, Water: How Much Should You Drink Every Day?, Nearly 1 in 10 U.S. Kids Diagnosed with ADHD

August 16, 2011
Health News Brief: Depression May Increase Stroke Risk in Women, Regular Exercise Helps Keep Leg Arteries Clear, Americans No Longer Outliving Europeans: Study

August 9, 2011
Health News Brief: Don't Forget to Enter the Summer Travel Contest!, 6,000 go to ER Each Year for Exercising in Heat, Can Chewing More Help You Eat Less?

August 2, 2011
Health News Brief: Tips to Help Prevent Anaphylaxis, Women Bear Greatest Burden of Alzheimer's, Dentists Can Identify Undiagnosed Diabetes

July 26, 2011
Health News Brief: Nine Ways to Eat Better With Diabetes, Small Health Woes Increase Dementia Risk, Does Your Personality Dictate Whether You'll Be Overweight?

July 19, 2011
Health News Brief: Traveling with Type 2 Diabetes- The Basics, Placebo Effect Powerful in Asthma, Sleep Tips: 7 Steps to Better Sleep

July 12, 2011
Health News Brief: Diabetics Cite Fatigue as Daily Challenge, Couch Potatoes Double Risk of Lung Blood Clots, Anger Management: 10 Tips to Tame Your Temper

July 7, 2011
Health News Brief: Traveling with Diabetes- Plan Ahead, Texting May Help Smokers Quit Faster, Working Night Shifts May Raise Diabetes Risk for Women

June 28, 2011
Health News Brief: Being Married Can Boost Your Chances of Beating Cancer, Food Allergies Affect 1 in 12 Kids, Hot Weather Exercise: How to Keep Cool

June 21, 2011
Health News Brief: Diabetics May Be at Greater Risk for Second Stroke, Two Sugary Drinks a Day Can Dull Taste Buds, Strenuous Exercise May Protect Brain

June 14, 2011
Health News Brief: Driving Tips from the American Diabetes Association, Hula-Hoop Might Help Shed Unwanted Pounds, Special Dogs Track Allergens to Keep Kids Safe

June 7, 2011
Health News Brief: June is National Safety Month, One in Five Young Adults May Have High Blood Pressure, Diabetes May Shorten Work Life

June 2, 2011
Health News Brief: Child Food Allergies Linked to Asthma, CDC Highlights 10 Notable Health Achievements of Last 10 Years, Overwhelmed Caregivers: Try Meditation

May 24, 2011
Health News Brief: May is Lupus Awareness Month, Older Caregivers at Greater Risk for Cognitive Decline, Fathers May Influence Kids' Eating More Than Moms

May 17, 2011
Health News Brief: May is National Stroke Awareness Month, How Friends Can Make You Fat, Poor Sleep Makes Diabetes More Difficult to Control

May 10, 2011
Health News Brief: Virtual Reality Shows Promise for Stroke Patients, May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, Being 'Housebound' Linked to Alzheimer's in Elderly

May 3, 2011
Health News Brief: May 3rd is World Asthma Day, Music Training May Help Keep Aging Brain Healthy, Morning Heart Attacks Cause More Damage

April 26, 2011
Health News Brief: Guilt as a Lifestyle Motivator, Diabetes and Major Emergencies: How to Prepare, Lower Stroke Death Risk in Close-Knit Neighborhoods

April 19, 2011
Health News Brief: ‘Retail Therapy' Might Really Work, Working Long Hours? Watch Out for Your Heart, Pollution Tied to Stroke Risk Only for Some People

April 12, 2011
Health News Brief: 8 Steps to Prevent Heart Disease, Diabetes and Travel- 10 Tips for a Safe Trip, Obese with Strong Heart Beats Thin and Weak

April 5, 2011
Health News Brief: Most Children Don't Use Inhalers Correctly, Half of Men Don't Go to the Doctor, Whole Grain Cereal May Help Control Blood Pressure

March 29, 2011
Health News Brief: April is National Autism Awareness Month, Sleep-Deprived People Eat 300 More Calories a Day, Red Wine and Resveratrol: Good for Your Heart?

March 24, 2011
Health News Brief: March is Red Cross Month, Americans Fall Short of "Ideal" Heart Health, Older Gardeners Eat More Vegetables

March 15, 2011
Health News Brief: Simply Watching a CPR Video Might Save Lives, What to Buy at the Grocery Store, U.S. 'Diabetes Belt' Is Identified

March 8, 2011
Health News Brief: Sugary Drinks Could Drive Up Blood Pressure, Don't Worry, Be Happy and Live Longer, Tips for Diabetes Caregivers

March 1, 2011
Health News Brief: Driving Safely with Diabetes, Internet Time Tied to Teen Depression Symptoms, Obesity Alone Raises Risk of Fatal Heart Attack

February 24, 2011
Health News Brief: Diet High in Fiber Might Lengthen Your Life, Miscarriage Tied to Family Heart Disease, Hearing Loss May be an Early Sign of Dementia

February 15, 2011
Health News Brief: Can Diet Soda Boost Your Stroke Risk?, Fruit Salad and Blood Sugar Meters Don’t Mix, Do Fatty, Processed Foods Lower Children’s IQ?

February 8, 2011
Health News Brief: February is American Heart Month, Depressive Diabetics' Spouses Also Experience Distress, Heart Disease Costs to Triple in U.S. by 2030

January 25, 2011
Health News Brief: Blood-Thinning Drug Becomes Risky After an Injury, Many Risks of Shoveling Snow Stressed in New Study, The More You Walk, the Lower Your Diabetes Risk

January 18, 2011
Health News Brief: Fishy Diet Comes with Lower Risk of Stroke, Diabetes Prevention: 5 Tips for Taking Control, Faster Walking Is Linked in Study to Longer Life for People 75 or Older

January 11, 2011
Health News Brief: 7 Stroke Symptoms and Key Actions To Take, At Least Americans Aspire to be Healthy Eaters, Diabetes and Major Emergencies: How to Prepare

January 4, 2011
Health News Brief: Stroke Deaths High Where Fried Fish Aplenty, Does Lunch in Front of a Computer Make Us Eat More?, Warfarin Side Effects: Watch for Dangerous Interactions


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