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November 19, 2013
Health News Brief: Tea Consumption May Help Heart Disease Patients, Protein Consumption May Affect Calorie Intake, Preventing Fall-Related Injuries In Seniors

November 12, 2013
Health News Brief: Mediterranean Diet Linked To Longer Lifespan And Better Health, Mayo Clinic Rated Highest For Diabetes And Endocrine Care, Prevent Heart Attack And Stroke 

November 5, 2013
Health News Brief: November is American Diabetes Month, Certain Antibiotics Tied To Blood Sugar Swings In Diabetics, One Pint Of Beer Lowers Risk Of Heart Disease

October 29, 2013
Health News Brief: Falls Tied To Post-Op Complications In Older People, Short Of Breath? It Could Be A Heart Issue, Halloween Parties Can Heighten Danger For Kids With Food Allergies

October 22, 2013
Health News Brief: Have Scientists Found An On/Off Switch For Hunger?, 5 Vitamins You Might Be Missing, The Shape Of Your Wine Glass Could Be Giving You A Hangover

October 15, 2013
Health News Brief: Stressful Events Linked To Fall Risk For Older Men, 7 Incredible Breast Cancer Breakthroughs, Rosacea Linked To Cardiovascular Disease?

October 8, 2013
Health News Brief: New Study Finds Food Allergies Cost Billions of Dollars Each Year, A Bit Of Shut-Eye Boosts Learning, Heart Disease Deaths Show Dramatic Decline In Europe

October 1, 2013
Health News Brief: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Spotting A Liar: The Health Effects Of Deception, Newly Discovered Gene Strengthens Heart, Fights Breast Tumors

September 24, 2013
Health News Briefs: 5 Biggest Health Dangers Facing College Freshmen, Glucose Sensing Sponge Delivers Insulin Precisely When And Where Needed, Anxiety In Your Head Could Come From Your Gut

September 17, 2013
Health News Brief: September Is National Food Safety Month, Simple Health Tips That Could Save 200,000 Lives A Year, Early Diabetes Signs Often Missed In Alzheimer’s Patients

September 10, 2013
Health News Brief: September is World Alzheimer's Month!, Outdoor Workouts: How To Beat The Heat, High Blood Sugar Tied To Dementia In Non-Diabetics

September 3, 2013
The Habit That Puts Kids At Risk For Bullying, Less Than 6 Hours Of Sleep Ups A Woman’s Heart Attack Risk, Back To School: How To Bag A Better Lunch

August 27, 2013
Health News Brief: Certain Beer Brands Tied To More ER Visits, Kids Involved In Bullying Grow Up To Be Poorer/Sicker Adults, Smoke? Fat? Sedentary? Watch Out For Heart Disease, Study Says

August 20, 2013
Health News Brief: Food and Beverage Companies Slim Down Products to Fight Obesity, Food Allergies A 'Hidden Disability' In Schools For Increasing Number Of Students, Study: Anger And Heart Attacks Strongly Linked

August 13, 2013
Health News Brief: Blame Poor Sleep For Unhealthy Cravings For Pizza, The Worst Times To Be Treated For A Heart Condition, What's In Chocolate Cocoa That Might Benefit Brain Health?

August 6, 2013
Health News Brief: Night Owls May Pack On More Pounds, Antidepressants May Help With Heart Disease, Doctors Who Skip Social Media Risk Alienating Patients

July 30, 2013
Health News Brief: Vegetarian Diet Tied To Fewer Deaths Over Time, AAIC: Older Retirement Age Protects Against Dementia, The Perfect Allergy-Friendly Cake And Raspberry Compote

July 23, 2013
Health News Brief: Intense Workout Goes A Long Way, Can A Gut Bacterium Curb Obesity?, 10 Types of Medications That Can Make You Feel Depressed

July 16, 2013
Health News Brief: Gut bacteria may help to predict heart attacks and strokes, PTSD raises type 2 diabetes risk, Medical Emergencies Occur on 1 of Every 604 Flights

July 9, 2013
Health News Brief: Brain Makes Its Own Version Of Valium, If You’re Fat Does It Mean You’re Ill? (Yes, Says AMA), Medical Marijuana May Lower Blood Sugar

July 2, 2013
Health News Brief: Some Salt With Your Spider? UN Says Bugs Good For You, Waist To Height Ratio 'More Accurate Than BMI’, Origins Of Allergies At Fetal Stage   

June 25, 2013
Health News Brief: Teens Ate ‘Too Many Calories’ At Subway And McDonalds, Is Popcorn Giving You Heart Disease?, A Scary New Wave Of Bullying: Picking On Kids With Allergies

June 18, 2013
Health News Briefs: No, really – Don’t Shop When You’re Hungry: Study, Pet Ownership Linked With Better Heart Health, Fed Up With Food Allergies?

June 11, 2013
Health News Brief: Preordered School Lunches May Be Healthier Study Finds, Diabetic Teens Don’t Eat Wisely, Cure For Gray Hair Is Almost Here

June 4, 2013
Health News Brief: FDA Warns On Use Of Certain Migraine Drugs During Pregnancy, Retirement Healthcare Costs Decline, Food Allergy Bullying: It’s Not A Joke

May 30, 2013
Health News Brief: More Than 4 In 10 US Teens Text While Driving, Children On Track For A Heart Attack, CDC: Food Allergies Increasing

May 21, 2013
Health News Brief: Exposure To Fire Retardants During Pregnancy Linked To Hyperactivity/Lower IQ In Kids, Mangoes May Help Lower Blood Sugar And Cancer Risk, Could Sucking Your Baby’s Pacifier Cut Allergy Risk?

May 14, 2013
Health News Brief: How Weight-Loss Surgery Improves Diabetes Control, How Much Do You Know About Keeping Your Skin Healthy?, May Is National Asthma And Allergy Awareness Month!

May 7, 2013
Health News Briefs: Mummies Show Signs Of Heart Disease, How To Stop Diabetes From Starting, Falls Among Older Adults: An Overview

April 30, 2013
Health News Brief: 9 Nasty Things To Throw Away Today, Diabetes Can Be Fought In Communities: Study Says, Aging Poorly: Another Act Of Baby Boomer Rebellion

April 23, 2013
Health News Brief: Sibling’s Death May Boost Your Risk Of Heart Attack, Guide To Buying A Hearing Aid, The Doctor Trying To Solve The Mystery Of Food Allergies

April 16, 2013
Health News Brief: April Is National Donate Life Month!, Health Risks Greater For Type 2 Diabetics Treated With Insulin, Trying To Lose Weight? Breathe Into This Gadget

April 9, 2013
Health News Brief: Doctors Feel Your Pain And Want To Make It Better, 5 Tips For Living With Alzheimer’s, American Medical ID And The American Diabetes Association Are Working Together To Stop Diabetes®

April 2, 2013
Health News Brief: April Is Autism Awareness Month!, Researchers Link Air Pollution To Heart Attacks, How (And Why) To Introduce Allergens To Your Infant

March 26, 2013
Health News Brief: Diabetes Alert Day, Quiz: Build Strong Bones, Wisdom From Flyers With Nut Allergies

March 19, 2013
Health News Brief: Home Altitude Tied To Obesity Risk, 5 Million More People Living With Diabetes, 8 Food That Help Lower Cholesterol

March 12, 2013
Health News Brief: 9 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore, Oxygen Treatment May Not Help Foot Ulcers, Babies Born To Obese Women Show Thicker Arteries: Study

March 5, 2013
Health News Brief: 7 More Medical Procedures You May Not Need, School Lunchroom Changes Get Kids To Eat More Veggies, Mediterranean Diet Shown To Ward Off Heart Attack and Stroke

February 26, 2013
Health News Brief: You’re Never Too Old to Drop a Few, Too Much Calcium May Double Death Risk in Women, Diet Fizzy Drinks Make You 60% More Likely to Get Diabetes Than Regular, ‘Full Fat’ Versions

February 19, 2013
Health News Brief: Can Berries Reduce Your Heart Attack Risk?, Taking 15 Minute Walks 4 Times A Week Cuts The Risk Of Early Death By 40%, AMA Issues 5 Patient Safety Guidelines

February 12, 2013
Health News Brief: Working Out Before Breakfast Helps Burn 20% More Body Fat for Equal Exercise, Binge Drinking May Raise Risk of Diabetes, Grandparents Learn to Text to Keep in Touch with Their Grandchildren

February 5, 2013
Health News Brief: Clearer Food Labels May Help With Healthier Choices, Heart Problems Tied To Early Signs of Dementia, Living Near Equator May Boost Your Risk For Allergy & Asthma

January 29, 2013
Health News Brief: Spending An Extra Three Minutes At The Dinner Table Can Help Keep Children Thin, Go Orange! Beta Carotene May Protect Against Genetic Risk For Type 2 Diabetes, People With Egg Allergy Can Safely Get Flu Shot 

January 22, 2013
Health News Brief: Lower Your Heart Disease Risk 35%, Twitter Can Help You Lose Weight, Online Tool Helps Parents Find Alternatives to Sugar-Heavy Soft Drinks

January 15, 2013
Health News Brief: Fat Transplant Cuts Obesity Prevents Diabetes, 3D Imaging Boosts Breast Cancer Detection, One in Four School Children Has Heart Disease Risk Factors

January 8, 2013
Health News Brief: No-Exercise Youngsters Risk Heart Disease Later in Life, Peanut Therapy ShowsPromise in Treating Peanut Allergy, Most Americans Unaware of Health Risks Associated With Obesity

January 3, 2013
Health News Brief: Caregivers for Relatives with Dementia Need Help and Support, For Cholesterol Tests, Fasting May Not Be Required, Control Your Blood Sugar During Pregnancy


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