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Onyx Imperial 8 inch

Stainless Steel Onyx Imperial full sizeStainless Steel Onyx Imperial full sizeStainless Steel Onyx Imperial full size
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Stainless Steel Onyx Imperial icon
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Stylish and unique, the Onyx Imperial provides great looking security for every day wear.

  • Stylish, durable stainless steel with a polished black background with polished chain
  • Personalized engraving free of charge
  • Back side engraving available


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Stainless Steel Onyx Imperial 8 inch

  • Weight: 54 grams
  • Three lines of personalized engraving, free of charge
  • All caps engraving in a high contrast silver color - highly legible in an emergency
  • Band is 8 " L x 1/2" W and can be adjusted by a jeweler (sorry, no adjustments to size can be made before shipping)
  • Foldover clasp

  • Number of Reviews: 79,

    Reviewer: Patty
    Sat Nov 30, 2013: The bracelet Is Quite Stylish And Classy. The Engraving On The Back Is Extremely Visible, Quite An Improvement To Engraving On Metal, Especially When Just About Every Other Bracelet I’ve Ordered Needed To Be Returned For Re-Doing The Engraving So It Would Be Readable. My Only Complaint Is Having Just One Length Because It Cost Me 10/Link To Have 4 Removed...Nearly The Cost Of The Bracelet Please Rethink Your Policy Of Not Offering This Service For The Gorgeous Medical Warning Items You Sell. Thank You

    Reviewer: Elizabeth S.
    Tue Nov 19, 2013: I love it its like your not even wearing it.

    Reviewer: Judy B.
    Tue Nov 12, 2013: This is the one that is heavy

    Reviewer: Susan R.
    Tue Nov 05, 2013: Didn’t think the black part would be wider than my arm, so doesn’t fight too good, I love the way the chain hooks together, just wish it was more daintier...

    Reviewer: Sherita B.
    Thu Oct 31, 2013: very sturdy and nice looking

    Reviewer: Charlotte G.
    Sat Oct 19, 2013: this bracelet is beautiful and yet not to the point of missing it’s real purpose. My daughter loves it for work and going out.

    Reviewer: Cyndie T.
    Wed Oct 09, 2013: It is beautiful and crafted well, but the clasp is kind of difficult to close.

    Tue Oct 08, 2013: The bracelet is what I was hoping for and consistent with what I thought it would be viewing on-line only. Chain part is a little bigger than I anticipated so will need to get it adjusted somewhere.

    Thu Oct 03, 2013:

    Reviewer: Adelina S.
    Tue Oct 01, 2013: Nice and sturdy. Latch is a little hard to manage at times because connecting chain is not stiff but otherwise good.

    Tue Oct 01, 2013:

    Tue Oct 01, 2013:

    Reviewer: Yulanda P.
    Fri Sep 27, 2013: It is a very beauty bracelet and i can wear it with every thing.

    Reviewer: Carmen D.
    Fri Sep 27, 2013: very elegant, except that i could have used one more link

    Reviewer: Wayne W.
    Tue Sep 24, 2013: masculine looking....good latch system...no edges to catch on anything...good looking...

    Reviewer: Blaine C.
    Fri Sep 20, 2013: I would give it a 5 but the chain was too short. Called your customer service and did receive an extender. Now I have to find a jeweler to put on the extender.

    Reviewer: Steve W.
    Fri Sep 13, 2013: Great bracelet but a bit difficult to get the clasp closed.

    Reviewer: Eddie Z.
    Tue Sep 10, 2013: Good looking piece but...the blackness on the underside is already fading away and its only 2 weeks old.

    Reviewer: Robert F.
    Mon Sep 09, 2013: very comfertable and nice looking it is very styelish doesnt look like a reg med bracelet this one i ordered is for my father in law i already have the same one and i love it

    Thu Sep 05, 2013: Well made and I feel at ease that medical personnel will understand my husbands annafelactic (sp)allergy.

    Reviewer: Maureen B.
    Thu Sep 05, 2013: Even more masculine than I thought it would be. My husband really liked it. We needed. Few more links, so when I explained this to a customer service rep, I believe he sent thm them out that day. Also, I make jewelry, but these links re so strong my tools are not up to it, and we will take to a jeweler.

    Mon Sep 02, 2013: It was what I was expecting.

    Reviewer: William M.
    Sat Aug 31, 2013: Very pleased. Looks stylish,feels good.

    Reviewer: Bill M.
    Sat Aug 31, 2013: great product

    Reviewer: Iris K.
    Fri Aug 30, 2013: I really liked how it looked

    Thu Aug 29, 2013: Excellent purchase and quality Surprised that no coupon came with order to order another one.

    Reviewer: Rob L.
    Wed Aug 28, 2013: I like how is stands out compared to other styles.

    Reviewer: Renee W.
    Tue Aug 27, 2013: Beautiful but really heavy

    Mon Aug 26, 2013: I forgot to say on my other survey that is a lot heavier than I anticipated.

    Reviewer: Susie B.
    Sun Aug 25, 2013: I think it is a very nice bracelet. Way better than the other one I have. I LOVE IT It’s just a bit too big so trying to adjust it.

    Reviewer: Janine R.
    Thu Aug 22, 2013: I love the look of this bracelet.

    Reviewer: Alvin O.
    Tue Aug 20, 2013: Very classy. Notice it right away, fits well like it very much. Glad I purchased it

    Reviewer: L. C.
    Mon Aug 12, 2013: Just what I was looking for, the style, weight and color is perfect.

    Sat Aug 10, 2013: Looks great and fits my grown son well.

    Reviewer: Tom T.
    Fri Aug 09, 2013: Not large enough

    Reviewer: Judy M.
    Fri Aug 09, 2013: The bracelet is way to big and hard to take links out. I worked on several watches and bracelets for 20 years and find this one a challenge.

    Reviewer: Donnie B.
    Fri Aug 09, 2013: Quality,good looking bracelet.

    Reviewer: Weldon T.
    Wed Aug 07, 2013:

    Reviewer: Larry G.
    Tue Aug 06, 2013: The black onyx is attractive and masculine; engraving is clear and readable; clasp is uniquely secure and well designed; links are shiny making them unisexual; flaw is the 8 inch length makes the bracelet a bit snug/ uncomfortable for my large wrist.

    Reviewer: Brian C.
    Sat Aug 03, 2013: I love the product however they misspelled Marfan Syndrome They put a ’i’ were the ’f’ goes I did not return it because the ’coumidin’ was the most important one and i really need to wear it Disappointed? Yes Will i return it? No It took too long to get it and i really dont want to wait teice as long.

    Reviewer: Cantina C.
    Wed Jul 31, 2013: I love it . Very steardy and i like the look.

    Reviewer: Chris C.
    Fri Jul 26, 2013: I like this bracelet very much. It is very manly and fits perfectly.

    Reviewer: Eva R.
    Fri Jul 26, 2013: looks great, hubby says it feels good

    Reviewer: Eranlia T.
    Wed Jul 17, 2013: It was good

    Reviewer: Sharlene E.
    Tue Jul 16, 2013: Looks great. Does not look cheap.

    Reviewer: Lonnie A.
    Fri Jul 12, 2013: Excellent looking and quality. The only complaint is the corners of the large black section are fairly sharp. I have to remove it before hugging on my wife.

    Reviewer: Terri R.
    Thu Jul 11, 2013: I love my braclet and ordering it was breeze.

    Reviewer: David B.
    Thu Jul 11, 2013: Attractive design, but for a small person, too heavy and bulky.

    Reviewer: Anne M.
    Wed Jul 10, 2013: The bracelet chain is a little heavier than I realized, but it’s a nice looking piece of jewelry and fits my needs.

    Reviewer: Denisha D.
    Wed Jul 10, 2013: I absolutely love my bracelet because its not just a medical alert bracelet, it’s one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

    Reviewer: Em
    Sun Jul 07, 2013:

    Reviewer: Sandra L.
    Thu Jul 04, 2013: This bracelet is really a sturdy one. Didn’t think it was made for a woman once I saw it.

    Sat Jun 29, 2013: It looks nice and it serves the purpose.

    Reviewer: Maureen M.
    Sat Jun 29, 2013: The bracelet is very attractive, but I find it very heavy to wear. I usually wind up removing it after awhile. I think it would be more comfortable if a lighter weight metal were used.

    Reviewer: Melissa J.
    Fri Jun 28, 2013: Quality, solid bracelet.

    Reviewer: Frank T.
    Thu Jun 27, 2013: I was amazed when I saw how excellent my bracelet turned out. I am truly impressed

    Reviewer: Carol M.
    Tue Jun 25, 2013: The bracelet is nice, stylish, appears sturdy, but the chain part is much larger than I anticipated. I had a silver and loved it because it was light weight.

    Reviewer: Daniel C.
    Tue Jun 25, 2013: You need to make this available in different sizes. Maybe make the medical symbol raised and bright red to cause attention to the bracelet.

    Reviewer: Roger E.
    Tue Jun 18, 2013: It is very nice looking, however it is not easy to get on or off

    Reviewer: Joann C.
    Mon Jun 17, 2013: It seems to be a good sturdy bracelet. We received it earlier than first expected.

    Reviewer: Dennis G.
    Fri Jun 14, 2013: Clasp is rather difficult to open and close. Hence it takes some time to take the bracelet on and off.

    Reviewer: Keith P.
    Mon Jun 10, 2013: its a nice solid made, love the weight, and the black and silver color. I am glad I chose this design

    Sat Jun 08, 2013: Great bracelet and the engraving was very well done, legible. The entire bracelet is sleek and expensive looking. Sizing is just right.

    Reviewer: Shirley R.
    Sat Jun 08, 2013: It looks great, but I think a little to big and bulky for a female

    Reviewer: Lisa
    Sat Jun 08, 2013: very nice, heavy chain and stone.

    Sat Jun 08, 2013:

    Reviewer: Susan M.
    Fri Jun 07, 2013: Very durable and nicely done.

    Reviewer: Robert F.
    Fri Jun 07, 2013: Well made & sturdy. Engraving shows up very well.

    Reviewer: Robert F.
    Fri Jun 07, 2013: Sturdy & engraving is very clear

    Reviewer: Tyrese B.
    Fri Jun 07, 2013: The look of the bracket is great.

    Reviewer: N A.
    Wed Jun 05, 2013: I love it. What I was looking for. The weight is nice a nice as well.

    Reviewer: Jennifer W.
    Tue May 28, 2013: It is stylish and simple exactly what I wanted.

    Mon May 27, 2013: The replacement was better than the initial bracelet.

    Reviewer: Julie H.
    Sat May 25, 2013: its very strudy but wish it could be a little smaller. should be able to come in different sizes. have to take a couple links off each side

    Reviewer: Connie S.
    Thu May 09, 2013: good quality and very happy with it

    Reviewer: Arionna S.
    Thu May 09, 2013:

    Reviewer: Heidi C.
    Wed May 08, 2013: The product looks nice but was way heavier and bigger than I expected. There’s no way I can wear this being an average sized woman. If there’s anything I can do about it I would love to hear back. Thank you.

    Reviewer: Stephen W.
    Thu May 02, 2013: I was very impressed with the quality of your bracelet and would recommend it to anyone.

    Thu Apr 25, 2013: well made, sturdy, time will tell if it is sturdy enough

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