Onyx Eternity Bracelet

Onyx Eternity Black Medical ID Bracelet full sizeOnyx Eternity Black Medical ID Bracelet full sizeOnyx Eternity Black Medical ID Bracelet full size
Onyx Eternity Black Medical ID Bracelet icon
Onyx Eternity Black Medical ID Bracelet icon
Onyx Eternity Black Medical ID Bracelet icon

Pretty and practical, our Eternity collection features a contrasting heart design in modern metal colors.

  • White enamel emblem - highly visible in an emergency
  • Stylish, durable Stainless Steel
  • Length of 7.5 inches, can be sized by a watch shop or jeweler for a custom fit
  • Personalized engraving for only $7.
  •    $34.99

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    Onyx Eternity Bracelet Gold Tone Eternity Bracelet Rose Gold Eternity Bracelet Stainless Steel Eternity Bracelet

    Onyx Eternity Bracelet

    Our new Onyx Stainless Steel bracelet highlights the perfect blend of fashion and security.

    • Band is 7 1/2" L x 3/8" W and can be adjusted by a jeweler (sorry, no adjustments to size can be made before shipping)
    • Secure, fold over clasp style
    • White medical emblem
    • Total Weight: 24 grams
    • Engraving instructions provided after making product selection
    • Three lines of engraving available

    Number of Reviews: 320,

    Reviewer: Polly F.
    Thu Mar 26, 2015: Love it

    Reviewer: Miguelita A.
    Sat Mar 21, 2015: I ordered the bracelet too big but it is lovely

    Reviewer: Kathleen R.
    Sat Mar 21, 2015: This is a very nice bracelet It looks exactly like the picture, doesn’t weigh too much to wear, and is comfortable on. People have said they would never guess it’s a medical ID bracelet-it looks like a good bracelet. I did have to have a link removed by my jeweler, which took all of five minutes. I recommend this bracelet for any woman wanting a different, more stylish look than the usual silver-tone expansion bracelet.

    Reviewer: Susan H.
    Fri Mar 20, 2015: I really like my new bracelet

    Reviewer: Angie G.
    Thu Mar 05, 2015: I love the look of the bracelet, however it concerns me that EMT might overlook it and that it doesn’t flip over to show the information. It’s very loose and I wonder if I get a link taken out of it, if the information will still be readable?

    Reviewer: Peggy H.
    Thu Mar 05, 2015: the bracelet is very nice looking. I had it sized by a jeweler but because the links are large it is still large enough to spin on my wrist and the medallion ends up on the bottom of my wrist.

    Reviewer: Linda C.
    Thu Mar 05, 2015: I get many compliments on this

    Reviewer: Jennifer L.
    Thu Mar 05, 2015: Of my two bracelets, so far this is my favorite. Although a bit lose, not too lose.

    Reviewer: John M.
    Thu Mar 05, 2015:

    Reviewer: Paula S.
    Tue Mar 03, 2015: Very pleased and satisfied.

    Tue Mar 03, 2015: Looks nice. Have to totally remove it to read the engraved info

    Reviewer: Cindy G.
    Sun Mar 01, 2015: I love it.

    Reviewer: Jeanne J.
    Sat Feb 28, 2015:

    Reviewer: Carolyn R.
    Fri Feb 27, 2015:

    Thu Feb 26, 2015: the problem I’ve had with my purchase us finding a jeweler that will take a few of the links off which prevents me from wearing my bracelet. because of this i will more than likely not purchase another one.

    Thu Feb 26, 2015: I like it because it doesn’t look like a regular medical bracelet. It almost looks like jewelry

    Wed Feb 18, 2015: I am very pleased with my bracelet. Have had compliments on how pretty it is.

    Reviewer: Tracy M.
    Tue Feb 17, 2015: It looks great. I love it.

    Reviewer: Kimberly
    Tue Feb 17, 2015: I love it Very cute and not like a typical medical ID, perfect for the younger customer like me

    Reviewer: Cathy M.
    Wed Feb 11, 2015:

    Fri Feb 06, 2015:

    Reviewer: Jessica F.
    Thu Feb 05, 2015: it is lovely and I find it very versatile but the closure is very difficult to unhinge.

    Reviewer: Linda O.
    Mon Feb 02, 2015: im really enjoying it.

    Reviewer: Debra B.
    Sat Jan 24, 2015:

    Reviewer: Anna S.
    Sat Jan 24, 2015: For the price..it really was a better quality than I expected. Love it

    Reviewer: Jean S.
    Fri Jan 23, 2015: like the bracelet but it is a little too big for my wrist and cannot take a link out...

    Reviewer: Christi T.
    Fri Jan 23, 2015: Really pretty...will be proud to wear it

    Reviewer: Jodi S.
    Sat Jan 17, 2015: I love this bracelet It looks great & it is lightweight. I forget that I’m wearing it

    Sat Jan 10, 2015:

    Fri Jan 02, 2015: This medical ID bracelet is so much more attractive than any I have seen so far. Love my new ID bracelet

    Reviewer: Elizabrth D.
    Thu Jan 01, 2015: It is very attractive and very comfortable to wear.

    Wed Dec 31, 2014: I was very pleased with my purchase.

    Reviewer: Robin W.
    Sat Dec 27, 2014: Love the way it looks. Don’t like that its hard to turn over for rescue to read

    Reviewer: Tina S.
    Sat Dec 27, 2014: Very nice I have gotten a lot of complement s on it

    Reviewer: Barbara E.
    Sat Dec 20, 2014: This is exactly as advertised. It’s perfect

    Sat Dec 20, 2014: Very fashionable. A high quality product.

    Reviewer: Lisa T.
    Wed Dec 17, 2014: I am very pleased with the appearance of the bracelet.

    Reviewer: Patricia Y.
    Thu Dec 11, 2014: Great bracelet, great fit perfect .

    Reviewer: Rhonda C.
    Tue Dec 09, 2014: Very nice, bit big so hope it can have links taken out to fit me

    Reviewer: Sharon G.
    Mon Dec 08, 2014: I have received several comments on the bracelet. It is functional but goes well with other jewelry and doesn’t stand out as a Medical ID

    Reviewer: Jeanne R.
    Sun Dec 07, 2014: I love my bracelet.

    Reviewer: Misty S.
    Tue Dec 02, 2014: Great

    Reviewer: Heidi N.
    Tue Dec 02, 2014: Beautiful But would be nice if it was available in different sizes so you don’t have to pay even more money have a jeweler take out links.

    Reviewer: Susan R.
    Mon Dec 01, 2014: Love the bracelet, but do not like the clasp. It is hard to put on by myself, since the clasp does not open flat. (opens more of a u shape.

    Mon Nov 24, 2014: The id bracelet is so stylish. I love that it is black and silver. Very happy with the style and durability.

    Reviewer: Sharon & Don H.
    Sun Nov 23, 2014:

    Reviewer: Barbara M.
    Fri Nov 14, 2014: beautiful way to alert my medical issues

    Reviewer: Deborah C.
    Thu Nov 13, 2014: Very pleased. Bracelet is heavy duty snd beautiful.

    Fri Nov 07, 2014: It is beautiful

    Reviewer: Louisa Q.
    Thu Nov 06, 2014: It’s great however I wish there was an option for size

    Reviewer: Ashley L.
    Wed Nov 05, 2014:

    Reviewer: Denise D.
    Sat Nov 01, 2014: Love it

    Reviewer: Raguel R.
    Sat Nov 01, 2014: Looks better than the picture and seems well made. Very pretty.

    Reviewer: Tamara G.
    Thu Oct 30, 2014: We ordered this so my daughter would have a dressy option for her bracelet. Getting new bracelets was a compromise we were able to come to when it was time for my autistic daughter to head off to college, since it is there to help her if she is unable to communicate for herself

    Reviewer: Lola P.
    Fri Oct 24, 2014: Great quality

    Tue Oct 21, 2014: very nice, very appealing, scuffs easily though

    Reviewer: Beverly S.
    Sat Oct 18, 2014: Also well made and feminine

    Sat Oct 18, 2014: The craftsmanship

    Reviewer: Avonie B.
    Thu Oct 16, 2014: After purchasing I realized that in case of a emergency it would be hard to flip the bracelet as the band is not expandable for easy access.

    Reviewer: Raeanne W.
    Thu Oct 09, 2014:

    Thu Oct 09, 2014:

    Reviewer: Eljean C.
    Wed Oct 08, 2014: i really ike it

    Tue Oct 07, 2014: The quality of the bracelet was top notch. You can’t even tell it’s a medical alert bracelet it’s so pretty.

    Reviewer: Karen C.
    Sun Oct 05, 2014: Love it. Thank you.

    Sun Oct 05, 2014:

    Reviewer: Anita E.
    Sat Oct 04, 2014:

    Wed Oct 01, 2014: It was what I expected and am very satisfied.

    Reviewer: Kathy S.
    Tue Sep 30, 2014: I love it

    Reviewer: Janet W.
    Sat Sep 27, 2014: Love the bracelet. It was really big on me but I had 1 link taken out. Now it fits perfect.

    Thu Sep 25, 2014: Wonderful. In case of emergencys, a human life could be safed and properly helped.

    Reviewer: Lester F.
    Sat Sep 20, 2014:

    Reviewer: Babette T.
    Wed Sep 17, 2014: Didn’t realize that the bracket was hear shaped, love it

    Reviewer: Cathy K.
    Tue Sep 09, 2014: Looks lovely. Just wish it had more space for info.

    Reviewer: April G.
    Sun Sep 07, 2014: The bracelet is great. But doesn’t turn over. Which could cause major problems in an emergency. Kind of disappointed with this oversight.

    Reviewer: Eleanor L.
    Sat Sep 06, 2014: It was what I expected and it fits well.

    Reviewer: Debbie C.
    Sat Sep 06, 2014: size is big but ill take to a jewerly store n get links removed

    Sat Sep 06, 2014: Best one yet

    Reviewer: Lori Y.
    Fri Sep 05, 2014: very very nice

    Reviewer: Patricia H.
    Thu Sep 04, 2014: Very nice except would be nice to have one or two individual hearts removable for better adjustment to size.

    Reviewer: Michael W.
    Mon Sep 01, 2014: My Daughter is very impressed with the more jewellery effect.

    Reviewer: Charlene
    Sun Aug 24, 2014: I like it it fits in with everything that I wear. It doesn’t look like a medical bracelett

    Reviewer: Peggy B.
    Fri Aug 22, 2014: I’m having trouble with the clasp..but I’m working on being able to unclasp it myself..

    Reviewer: Diane C.
    Fri Aug 22, 2014: very attractive looking and matches most clothing

    Reviewer: Creola M.
    Thu Aug 21, 2014: I don’t like that it has to be removed to see the information. Contact me only if something can be done to solve this problem.

    Reviewer: Sasha P.
    Wed Aug 20, 2014: I absolutely love my medical bracelet and would recommend it to others. I love that I got it fitted for my size and its comfortable wearing it.

    Reviewer: Yolanda E.
    Sat Aug 16, 2014: It seems very sturdy. And I was very happy with the short amount of time it took for shipping

    Reviewer: Linda H.
    Sat Aug 16, 2014: very nice, a little heavy, can’t turn the emblem around without taking off the bracelet but good quality and I did not have to wait long to get it

    Reviewer: Sharon D.
    Sat Aug 09, 2014: Like it very much. The fit is perfect

    Reviewer: Trish R.
    Sat Aug 09, 2014: The bracelet was all I could have asked for. It is stylish and comfortable as it does it’s job.

    Thu Jul 31, 2014:

    Mon Jul 28, 2014:

    Sat Jul 26, 2014: did not want something that looked like a medic id

    Reviewer: Susan B.
    Fri Jul 25, 2014: I bought this for my mom - she loves it The bracelet is attractive and well-made.

    Reviewer: Vicki A.
    Fri Jul 25, 2014: Looks like a fashion bracelet not ID bracelet.

    Reviewer: Dana P.
    Wed Jul 23, 2014: this was for my mom looks classy but yet has all the information

    Reviewer: Shawn H.
    Tue Jul 22, 2014: This bracelet arrived with no problems. I was happy with the design and quality

    Reviewer: Gayle P.
    Tue Jul 22, 2014: Very attractive

    Reviewer: Lisa F.
    Sun Jul 20, 2014: More then I expected

    Reviewer: Alyce M J.
    Thu Jul 17, 2014:

    Reviewer: Lucinda G.
    Tue Jul 15, 2014: The bracelet is very stylish. I do have a problem unhooking it most times and have noticed you can’t flip it over to see my info; the bracelet would have to be removed. It is also hard to read.

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