Pink Shimmer Wrap Chain

Pink Shimmer Wrap Chain full sizePink Shimmer Wrap Chain full size
Pink Shimmer Wrap Chain icon
Pink Shimmer Wrap Chain icon

Want to switch up the look of your Shimmer bracelet, or have your own ID plate that needs a fresh look? Add our Shimmer Bead Chain!

  • Double clasp design easily interchanges with your existing Shimmer ID plate
  • NO ID is included with this purchase, so length of bead chain is WITHOUT an ID plate
  • See Product Specs below for size in inches


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Pink Shimmer Wrap Chain

  • Length of BEAD CHAIN ONLY: 12” - When paired with our Shimmer Premier plate, this will create a bracelet that is 14” in TOTAL length, and can comfortably be wrapped around a 7” wrist twice
  • Pink crystals wrapped with dark brown leather and stainless steel hardware

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