Rose Gold Eternity Bracelet

Rose Gold Eternity Medical ID Bracelet full sizeRose Gold Eternity Medical ID Bracelet full sizeRose Gold Eternity Medical ID Bracelet full size
Rose Gold Eternity Medical ID Bracelet icon
Rose Gold Eternity Medical ID Bracelet icon
Rose Gold Eternity Medical ID Bracelet icon

Pretty and practical, our Eternity collection features a contrasting heart design in modern metal colors.

  • White enamel emblem - highly visible in an emergency
  • Stylish, durable Stainless Steel
  • Length of 7.5 inches, can be sized by a watch shop or jeweler for a custom fit
  • Personalized engraving for only $7.
  •    $34.99

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    Onyx Eternity Bracelet Gold Tone Eternity Bracelet Rose Gold Eternity Bracelet Stainless Steel Eternity Bracelet

    Rose Gold Eternity Bracelet

    Our new rose colored Stainless Steel bracelet highlights the perfect blend of fashion and security.

    • Band is 7 1/2" L x 3/8" W and can be adjusted by a jeweler (sorry, no adjustments to size can be made before shipping)
    • Secure, fold over clasp style
    • White medical emblem
    • Total Weight: 24 grams
    • Engraved plate offers 3 lines of personalized engraving
    • Engraving instructions provided after making product selection

    Number of Reviews: 358,

    Reviewer: Jamie S.
    Fri Mar 27, 2015:

    Reviewer: Deirdre C.
    Thu Mar 26, 2015: It looks very nice, however I had difficulty with the clasp as it was very difficult to open. Perhaps, over time,it will loosen up a bit.

    Reviewer: Cynthia C.
    Fri Mar 20, 2015: Comfortable and pretty

    Reviewer: Carole M.
    Wed Mar 04, 2015: It is a very nice looking bracelet.

    Reviewer: Kristi M.
    Wed Mar 04, 2015: Looks like a beautiful piece of jewelry.

    Tue Mar 03, 2015: The bracelet is much nicer than the picture

    Reviewer: Jana S.
    Sat Feb 28, 2015: It’s pretty. It is already scratched.

    Thu Feb 26, 2015: Surprised and happy that it looks so nice

    Reviewer: Pat S.
    Thu Feb 26, 2015: very nice and stylish

    Sun Jan 25, 2015: Love the color & style, had to have it made smaller.

    Reviewer: Linda R.
    Sat Jan 10, 2015: Much more stylish than most IDs. More wearable.

    Thu Jan 01, 2015: pretty, just what the Dr. ordered lol

    Wed Dec 31, 2014: Looks better than the pictures

    Reviewer: Gretchen B.
    Sat Dec 27, 2014: Very hansom

    Sat Dec 27, 2014: it is feminine looking

    Reviewer: Carlene G.
    Sat Dec 27, 2014: My Mother and I always wore tri-color bracelets, this fits right in with the rest

    Reviewer: Sue E.
    Sat Dec 27, 2014:

    Sat Dec 27, 2014:

    Reviewer: Betty F.
    Fri Dec 26, 2014: Attractive piece of Jewelry.

    Reviewer: Mikel C.
    Fri Dec 26, 2014:

    Reviewer: Connie P.
    Fri Dec 26, 2014: Great she loves it

    Reviewer: Jennifer B.
    Sat Dec 20, 2014: Very pretty, strong clasp. It does what I need it to do.

    Reviewer: Carmen F.
    Wed Dec 17, 2014: I love my bracelet, now I can rest if some thing were to happen at least they would know that I have CKD Stage 4

    Reviewer: Asoka A.
    Thu Dec 11, 2014: The bracelet is more beautiful than I thought. I recommend for any girl.

    Reviewer: William T.
    Sat Dec 06, 2014: Good quality & sharp looking .

    Reviewer: Diane M.
    Sat Dec 06, 2014: Loved the bracelet style, but it was way too big and I had to pay to send it back to you to be adjusted. You need to offer sizing when placing an order.

    Reviewer: Jackie H.

    Fri Nov 21, 2014: It is attractive and functional. I really like the color. The clasp is easy to use, and the metal is sturdy. I plan to have one link removed. Only disappointment the face has already gotten scratched.

    Sat Nov 15, 2014: overall it is smaller than I expected. and the engraving plate is not flexible, so in the event of and accident...the attendant would have to take it off to see the engraving underneath.

    Reviewer: Connie D.
    Wed Nov 12, 2014: It’s beautiful but came in the wrong size after 2 phone calls to confirm sizing

    Reviewer: Nancy W.
    Wed Nov 12, 2014: I really like the color and the way it fits

    Reviewer: Kathy L.
    Tue Nov 11, 2014: very pretty, although I will need to take it to be made smaller

    Reviewer: Helenmarie P.
    Tue Nov 11, 2014:

    Reviewer: Delores M.
    Sat Nov 08, 2014: It is beautiful and very comfortable. I have received lots of compliments and feel fine with wearing it anywhere that I go because it is so pretty. I am a therapist and it is important for me to not have to worry about style and matching other jewelry.

    Reviewer: Christine M.
    Sat Nov 08, 2014: It looks great and goes with everything

    Reviewer: Sandy M.
    Wed Nov 05, 2014: I love my bracelt and your customer service is going to replace the one that came apart. The scores from me would have been 5’s if the bracelet had not come apart. I am looking forward to receiving my replacement. I am very pleased with your customer service department-thank you and I will be glad to show family and friends my new great bracelt and hopefully they will also do business with you too

    Reviewer: Judith H.
    Wed Nov 05, 2014: I had purchased this bracelet in the black colour and love it. I don’t find the two colours as attractive as I thought I would but will still wear it.

    Reviewer: Karen C.
    Wed Nov 05, 2014: very nice, but you can’t turn it over to read the engraving.

    Reviewer: Nancy G.
    Thu Oct 30, 2014: I love this bracelet I would recommend it to any woman who thinks medical alert jewelry is UGLY.

    Reviewer: Maura M.
    Wed Oct 29, 2014: Thought it was just how described. Love it

    Reviewer: Kat L.
    Tue Oct 21, 2014: Beautiful design. Fits a little big on my wrist and pinches the skin sometimes.

    Reviewer: V. T.
    Tue Oct 21, 2014: Lovely, sturdy, fits.

    Reviewer: Kacy W.
    Sun Oct 19, 2014: My skin is very extremely sensitive to things that touch it, latex, silver, specific lotion. This bracelet hasn’t given me any skin problems and that is always a bonus for me.

    Reviewer: Mary S.
    Sat Oct 18, 2014: love the overall look of the bracelet can wear it with just about any outfit

    Reviewer: Evelyn F.

    Reviewer: Carol R.
    Fri Oct 10, 2014: Looks nice but is obviously a medical ID.

    Reviewer: Rita G.
    Thu Oct 09, 2014:

    Reviewer: Becky C.
    Thu Oct 09, 2014: Bought this for my mother, it is very pretty and looks well made. need to remove a couple of links

    Reviewer: Debra H.

    Reviewer: Annette G.
    Tue Oct 07, 2014: I like the design as this one is for good. But need to take off a piece as it was too big

    Reviewer: Lorraine B.
    Mon Oct 06, 2014: I thought it was beautiful

    Reviewer: Florence S.
    Mon Oct 06, 2014: Beautiful, dainty, well made.

    Mon Oct 06, 2014:

    Sun Oct 05, 2014: Very sturdy, well made and pretty. Great design for a teenage girl. Only downside is having to take it to a jeweller to shorten it

    Reviewer: Dawn L. S.
    Sat Oct 04, 2014: It a very fashionable, stylish piece that looks & feels like real jewelry and it give you the security knowing that my health issues are identified on this bracelet if a crisis occurs.

    Reviewer: Barb S.
    Fri Oct 03, 2014: Beautiful

    Reviewer: Margaret B.

    Reviewer: Jeffrey M.
    Sat Sep 27, 2014: The bracelet overall was very nice

    Reviewer: Beverly K.
    Thu Sep 25, 2014: I’m wearing this for more special times (not everyday) it is so pretty and shiny, I don’t want to scratch it. It doesn’t look like a medical id, just pretty jewelry.

    Reviewer: Anne L.
    Wed Sep 24, 2014: I love the styling of this bracelet. Very easy to wear everyday.

    Reviewer: Gail H.
    Tue Sep 23, 2014: I wear a lot of gold so this goes with it.

    Mon Sep 22, 2014:

    Reviewer: Donna R.
    Sun Sep 21, 2014: this thing is absolutely beautiful. Lots of compliments. It is nice having something pretty and still live saving to where

    Reviewer: Virginia C.
    Sun Sep 21, 2014: Nice

    Reviewer: Regina M.
    Sat Sep 20, 2014: Love it. I just wish it could add more letter for all the information I wanted on the braclet.

    Sat Sep 20, 2014: it more than I expected beautiful and it fits perfert.

    Reviewer: Donna A.
    Thu Sep 18, 2014: It was everything I hoped it would be. I like to mix my jewelry tones silver and gold and even some rose tones so it is perfect.

    Reviewer: Kelly B.
    Wed Sep 17, 2014: This bracelet only comes in one length, so I did have to take it to a watch shop to have links removed to fit my smaller wrist. Now that it is sized it fits great and is beautiful. I receive lots of compliments on this bracelet. Also the price is very reasonable for how great it looks. Thanks

    Reviewer: Patricia S.
    Mon Sep 15, 2014: I find the bracelet very attractive

    Reviewer: Arlene B.
    Thu Sep 11, 2014: Very imp resive to wear and rich looking but the rest of my answer is in the anwser before this.

    Reviewer: Doris C.
    Mon Sep 08, 2014: I love it.

    Reviewer: Debra B.
    Tue Sep 02, 2014: It is very attractive and appears that it will hold up well. I have worn it since it arrived and it looks great.

    Reviewer: Loris S.
    Mon Sep 01, 2014: I love the bracelet it is fashionable, pretty to wear, glad I picked it out, if I have to have identification I like it to look good. very pleased Thank you

    Reviewer: Cheryl A.
    Tue Aug 26, 2014: The quality is good and it looks like a girly bracelet

    Tue Aug 26, 2014: beautiful.

    Reviewer: Caryle S.
    Sat Aug 23, 2014: It’s beautiful and fits perfectly. It’s light enough that I don’t even know it’s there which is important to me. I’ve been supposed to wear something as a med ID for a long time. I’m supremely happy with my bracelet.

    Reviewer: Judy W.
    Fri Aug 22, 2014: Very nice

    Reviewer: Delcie H.
    Thu Aug 21, 2014: The bracelet is fine. It is more of a pink gold than i had expected. Please provide information regarding making the bracelet smaller.

    Wed Aug 20, 2014:

    Wed Aug 20, 2014:

    Reviewer: Betty P.
    Sat Aug 16, 2014: This is a Super bracelet. I only wish it came with size options. I had to take it to a jeweler to remove a link to keep from falling off. I love the look and feel of it.

    Reviewer: Jennifer.a S.
    Sat Aug 16, 2014: Very Happy with the purchase..

    Reviewer: Merry S.
    Fri Aug 15, 2014:

    Tue Aug 12, 2014:

    Reviewer: Hildred D.
    Tue Aug 12, 2014: It is nice looking and doesn’t create any unusual notice of it.

    Thu Aug 07, 2014:

    Reviewer: Michelle L.
    Wed Aug 06, 2014: Looks like a nice piece of jewelry. Disappointed that a jeweler has to adjust it. It should be more clear that when you pay for faster shipping, that means they mail it in 3-5 days, not that you receive it in that time period.

    Reviewer: Theresa H.
    Sat Aug 02, 2014: Love it. Very functional and pretty too.

    Reviewer: Bobbie W.
    Sat Aug 02, 2014: It is beautiful, but it scratches easily.

    Reviewer: Tamara S.
    Sat Aug 02, 2014: Very nice I like it very much. Seems like the name plate is scraping off though

    Reviewer: Julie K.
    Sun Jul 27, 2014: looks nice and use full

    Reviewer: Jen W.
    Sat Jul 26, 2014: Very well made - excellent value. Clasp is easy to open and close.

    Reviewer: Lea T.
    Fri Jul 25, 2014: Because it is too big, the heavy part hangs down and is already marred from hitting objects. Where can I it sized safely?

    Reviewer: Lori M.
    Tue Jul 22, 2014: Beautiful.....I received many compliments on my bracelet

    Reviewer: Gay L Ynne N.
    Wed Jul 16, 2014: Very high quality.

    Reviewer: Debbi L.
    Mon Jul 14, 2014: I love this bracelet. I wear bracelets a lot, and this really looks nice on. It doesn’t look like a medical bracelet, it looks like a regular, nice bracelet, so I only wear this one all the time.

    Reviewer: Arely L.
    Mon Jul 14, 2014: I love it

    Reviewer: Rosa G.
    Sun Jul 13, 2014: I love it, it looks like a regular bracelet, love my name on the back. Love the color.

    Reviewer: Thelma B.
    Sun Jul 13, 2014: An absolutely beautiful bracelet unfortunately it showed scratches from wear on the first day. I work in an office at a desk so I don’t feel it was excessive wear. Due to the curvature of the med alert portion I can only wear it with this side out.

    Reviewer: Sharon K.
    Sat Jul 12, 2014:

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