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See Medical ID Bracelet Charm

See Medical ID Bracelet Charm full size
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Make Sure Your Medical ID, USB or Wallet Card Is Not Overlooked!
Attach to items you carry every day such as your:

  • key chain
  • cell phone
  • zipper pulls
  • necklace chain or charm bracelet
  • briefcase, backpack or luggage


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See Medical ID Necklace Charm See USB or Wallet Card Charm See Medical ID Bracelet Charm

Product Features

  • Pre-engraved with “SEE MEDICAL ID BRACELET” on back of charm
  • Stainless Steel, 1/2" diameter, weighs approximately 1.4 grams – size of a dime coin
  • Supplied with Split-Ring for easy attachment to personal items such as those listed above

  • Number of Reviews: 110,

    Reviewer: Sharon W.
    Fri Aug 14, 2015: I am very pleased with it. It is just the right size to carry on my purse.

    Reviewer: Karin W.
    Wed Aug 05, 2015:

    Reviewer: Sarah M.
    Wed Jun 03, 2015: A little difficult to ring on keys/zippers, due to small size, but looks great and very informative

    Reviewer: Tiona H.
    Thu May 28, 2015: It’s small and easy to put on a key ring.

    Reviewer: Carol P.
    Fri May 22, 2015: Very pleased

    Reviewer: William W.
    Thu May 07, 2015: Very well made and reasonably priced.

    Reviewer: Pamela D.
    Tue Feb 17, 2015: I love your products -- I used to have a much greater income than I currently have and I can always count on anything I purchase from you.

    Reviewer: Floyd T.
    Sun Jul 13, 2014: It’s smooth design garners notice often. It is so comfortable as well.

    Reviewer: Georgette D.
    Fri Jun 27, 2014: I also bought a bracelet and I am happy with both items. I really like the MyIHR that was available with the bracelet. My family is very happy with it also. They only need my pin# instead of all the paperwork of my medications and history. Thank You.

    Reviewer: Janice I.
    Fri May 02, 2014: received promptly. Exactly what I ordered. Satisfied.

    Mon Apr 21, 2014: Small & functional.

    Wed Apr 09, 2014: Very attractive for the price. Service was great and delivery was quick

    Wed Apr 02, 2014: slightly smaller than I visualized...but I am very happy with the charm.

    Reviewer: Kathleen T.
    Mon Feb 17, 2014: This charm allows me to refer to my necklace or bracelet for current medical info in the event I must update. Otherwise, one of my id’s would no longer be of any value. The cost for the charm is next to nothing compared to the price of a new ID. Thanks.★★★★★

    Reviewer: Kathleen T.
    Tue Jan 28, 2014: Very happy with charm. Thanks

    Reviewer: Yajaira C.
    Tue Nov 26, 2013: It was just what I needed. I wanted something small to attach to my keys that wouldn’t increase the bulk

    Reviewer: Jerrie T.
    Sat Oct 05, 2013:

    Reviewer: Nicole F.
    Sat Aug 31, 2013:

    Reviewer: Nancy G.
    Sat Aug 10, 2013: Good item to add to key ring.

    Reviewer: Lisa M.
    Wed Aug 07, 2013:

    Reviewer: Julee R.
    Tue May 21, 2013: It is smaller than I thought it would be but otherwise fine.

    Reviewer: Nicole J.
    Tue May 21, 2013: Perfect, gives me a an extra layer of security.

    Reviewer: Madeline S.
    Thu Apr 11, 2013: The charms were the perfect thing to attach to my ID bracelet to help bring attention to what is written on the back of the bracelet.

    Reviewer: Angelina R.
    Fri Mar 08, 2013: I love the look of it.

    Reviewer: Judith L.
    Sat Mar 02, 2013: Very good quality. The product is as good as stated on the website.

    Reviewer: Dianne
    Tue Jan 29, 2013: The medical accessory is well made and I love having it.

    Reviewer: Brenda K. P.
    Wed Dec 26, 2012: I really like it. Thank you so much for the good service.

    Reviewer: Mark B.
    Thu Dec 20, 2012: Love the look of the tag, it is difficult to put on items

    Reviewer: Susan B.
    Tue Dec 11, 2012: The medic-alert charm was exactly as pictured. I couldn’t be happier with the item.

    Reviewer: D. L.
    Sat Dec 08, 2012: Great product.

    Reviewer: Kimberly L.
    Sat Nov 03, 2012: I like it, it is handy to draw extra attention to my bracelet. It seems to get scratched up easily.

    Reviewer: Bonnie C.
    Sat Oct 27, 2012: Very nice and easy to identify and like that it says to check bracelet.

    Reviewer: Ana B.
    Fri Oct 26, 2012: it is small just what i wanted. it is well made.

    Reviewer: Pam M.
    Thu Oct 25, 2012: I purchased the medical ID tag for my brother and he was well pleased.

    Reviewer: Diane L.
    Fri Oct 05, 2012: A good way to carry your medical alert for emergencies

    Reviewer: Barbara W.
    Mon Sep 10, 2012: I was very pleased to see the quality of the charm and the ease in which I was able to slip it on my bracelet.

    Reviewer: Lydia P.
    Fri Aug 31, 2012: I got the Sterling Silver Heart charm. I added it (took to jeweler) and had it added to my Sterling Silver wide band braclet. It looks great, just the pop of info. needed.

    Reviewer: Janet A.
    Fri Aug 31, 2012: I would have liked it better if it would have been more tapered at the ends and a bit smaller since I have a small wrist and am going to have my daughter-in-law make me a silver bracelet using it

    Reviewer: Kathryn B.
    Fri Aug 24, 2012: I will add this to my keys. I do not like my bracelet. Can’t see engraving well and medical emblem is very faded.

    Reviewer: Mary K.
    Fri Aug 10, 2012:

    Reviewer: Philip B.
    Thu Jul 26, 2012: it’s functional while necessary for me. but i have questions that this format does not address.

    Reviewer: Joellen A.
    Fri Jun 08, 2012: These medical alert mini charms are perfect. I put 1 on my purse and 1 on my wallet zipper pull. The mini charm of St. Christopher is very pretty too.

    Reviewer: John S.
    Wed May 23, 2012: The product is great. I got the wrong size wrist strap (my fault) but I ordered smaller ones. Since I did not put RUSH on the order it has taken me over 3 wks to receive something that is a shelf item. I feel that is unacceptable, this item should have been picked and shipped ASAP. In the meantime I have to fold the strap under the tag to make fit.

    Reviewer: Judith H.
    Wed May 23, 2012: I like the product very much, but would like it to be a little larger to be able to engrave on the back.

    Reviewer: Caroline S.
    Tue May 22, 2012: Excellent quality. Looks great on my silver bracelet.

    Reviewer: Suzanne G.
    Fri May 11, 2012: Used the first two charms on a nice anklet. Lost them due to a weak link hook-up. Got the next two gold charms soldered by a jeweler and these are doing great.

    Reviewer: Karen R.
    Fri Apr 27, 2012: Wish there was a choice of lenghts. It is a little long. Did not need one so long for a small wrist.

    Reviewer: Pauline F.
    Wed Apr 04, 2012: Item was recieved as promised. Good size and will work well with the bracelet that was purchased.

    Reviewer: James H.

    Reviewer: Ewelina K.
    Fri Mar 16, 2012: very helpfull for my 2 year old )

    Reviewer: Darcy S.
    Tue Mar 13, 2012: I really am pleased with it. I wanted something small but that would be informative. The only thing I don’t like about it, is that there’s the extra piece that connects the clasp to the charm. I think it would be much better if the clasp and charm were directly fit together ) Otherwise it’s great

    Reviewer: Carol C.
    Tue Feb 14, 2012: Very well crafted. No surprises. Got exactly what I wanted.

    Reviewer: Diane S.
    Wed Feb 08, 2012: beautiful charm just the added extra I wanted. Nice quality.

    Reviewer: Genario W.
    Wed Feb 08, 2012: Great Quality

    Reviewer: Mathiesen D.
    Thu Feb 02, 2012: Engraving and product is great. It’s just a bit bigger than I anticipated on, but on the overall I am very pleased with it.

    Reviewer: Thom W.
    Thu Feb 02, 2012: I am very pleased with the ID Bracelet Charm. I was told I could not put my last name on it if it was more than 7 letters, so I did not fill in my last name, but you put it on anyway, even though it was 8 letters. I appreciate that very much. The charm is staying in excellent condition.

    Reviewer: Cassandra B.
    Mon Jan 16, 2012: My overall impression of the Medical ID product, was very assuring that I will order more of the products. It is well worth the money and the product. I love my charm so much. It really Identifies me. I will recommend this to a friend.

    Reviewer: William T. C.

    Sat Dec 31, 2011: I like it.

    Reviewer: Diana C.
    Sun Nov 13, 2011: I am very satisfied with it.

    Sat Oct 29, 2011: It is very good, a quick visual reference in case of an emergency.

    Reviewer: Robert S.
    Fri Oct 28, 2011: It was great-just what I wanted and ordered


    Reviewer: Cherri I.
    Tue Sep 27, 2011: I was very pleased with the charm purchased. My daughter has seizures, so I purchased the charm to bring attention to an i.d. braclet that I had purchased locally and had engraved with her name on the front with the seizures on back. It gives the identification she needs as a 14 year-old with seizure disorder without looking so institutional .

    Reviewer: Janet M.
    Sat Sep 24, 2011: It fits on my Charm bracelet that my children got me so it works out great and I’m carrying the info card in my wallet and car thank-you for two but one thing your add says you have bracelets for 19.99 and all I say in that price were child size?

    Reviewer: Warren L.
    Tue Sep 20, 2011: I was a little dis-appointed with the size of the bracelet charm, I’m sure it will be o.k. though.

    Reviewer: Cathy M.
    Mon Sep 12, 2011: It lists all the items I wanted but it is larger than anticipated. Another charm with clasp I had previously purchased was smaller but contained the same information. I must not have realized the size when I purchased it.

    Reviewer: Cheryl P.
    Fri Sep 09, 2011: I was very pleased

    Reviewer: Dj B.
    Tue Aug 30, 2011: The clasp was very hard to manage. I didn’t think I wouls ever get it hooked on.

    Reviewer: Jeanine G.
    Thu Aug 18, 2011: Love it. Added it to my own charm bracelet

    Reviewer: Carolann P.
    Tue Aug 16, 2011: It’s nice but the engraving doesn’t last long and I cannot buy an extended warranty

    Reviewer: Bernice K.
    Thu Jul 07, 2011: I was very happy with the medical alert charms and medical ID cards that I purchased.

    Reviewer: Libby C.
    Thu Jul 07, 2011: I ordered a charm for a bracelet I already had and it works perfectly.

    Reviewer: D. F.
    Mon Jun 13, 2011: It is a good addition to my daughter’s id bracelet.

    Reviewer: Elaine C.
    Fri Jun 03, 2011: It was fine. I payed more in postage than I did for the charm.

    Reviewer: Patricia D.
    Mon May 02, 2011: very good ,quick service

    Reviewer: Rebecca F.
    Wed Apr 20, 2011: good thank you.

    Reviewer: Bruce D.
    Thu Apr 14, 2011: Great item and way to save your life, I added this to my gold bracelet to add the information that I couldn’t put on the back.

    Reviewer: Adrienne K.
    Sat Apr 02, 2011: I love the charm that refers to the medical bracelet. I keep one attached to my bra to insure medical attendants refer to my Coumadin bracelet. I also have one as a pull on my wallet zipper and it looks very decorative there.

    Reviewer: Sheila W.
    Thu Mar 31, 2011: I purchased a neckless and a bracelet and I am very pleased with the quality of the products I choose.

    Reviewer: Marilyn S.
    Wed Mar 30, 2011: It fits on a bracelet that I already wear and is more attractive than some. This is the third time I have purchased the same charm as I kept losing them, but this one I had soldered so the ring should not separate.

    Reviewer: Sue G.
    Wed Mar 30, 2011: it’s great...my daughter has CP and i like knowing that she has her ID and med info on her at all times

    Reviewer: Joanne R.
    Sat Mar 19, 2011:

    Reviewer: Kathryn C.
    Tue Mar 01, 2011: Wish it did not cost so much for addition charms.

    Reviewer: William F.
    Wed Feb 02, 2011: This is going to be one of the best purchases I have made, for my safety THANK YOU

    Reviewer: Nancy H.
    Fri Jan 28, 2011: Very Nice. Hopefully I will never have to have a hospital, doctor, etc. to use it for my medical records.

    Reviewer: Cheryl B.
    Tue Dec 28, 2010: nice product. shows up visibly well. very hard to open and get the key ring type attachment on to my bracelet, though.

    Reviewer: Linda K.
    Sat Dec 11, 2010: it is very important to have my access code available for for anyone who needs access to my OMR,it was easy to attach to my braclet. I am very satisfied with my ID purchases. Thank you & Merry Christmas to all.

    Reviewer: Dawna L.
    Wed Nov 10, 2010: The 2 charms are exactly what I was looking for, something to tell emergency personnel to check my bracelet for instructions.

    Reviewer: Beth K.
    Fri Jul 09, 2010: IT was easy to add to my bracelet

    Reviewer: Connie H.
    Fri Jul 09, 2010:

    Reviewer: Linda. S.
    Tue Jul 06, 2010: I saw these and found many uses for them. I have attached them to my keyring, watch,and zipper on my purse. I feel that I am better covered as a just in case I forget to put on my necklace or bracelet. Thank you for recommending them to me.

    Reviewer: Doloras S.
    Wed Jun 16, 2010: Entire order of 2 sets of necklaces & bracelets was a bit pricey. (1 men ’s set & 1 womens set) but did refer a new customer to you.

    Reviewer: Beverly H.
    Wed Jun 16, 2010:

    Reviewer: Carolyn R.
    Fri Jun 04, 2010: I think it ’s a nice alert...thank you

    Reviewer: Melissa B.
    Thu May 27, 2010: I love your products. They are very stylish but also it serves the purpose of letting others know your medical conditional.

    Reviewer: Sally A.
    Mon May 24, 2010: Purchased blue sterling bracelet charm. Very impressive; super price for item quality.

    Reviewer: Cindy C.
    Fri May 21, 2010: I added it to an existing necklace that I always wear and I like it. It makes the necklace slightly heavy, but it ’s O.K.

    Reviewer: Judi P.
    Thu May 20, 2010: I was very satisfied with the charm and how fast I received it. Thank you.

    Reviewer: Cindy D.
    Fri May 14, 2010: I love the item and attached it to my bracelet and it fell off. Is there a loop or ring that can provide a better attachment? Otherwise I love it

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