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See Medical ID Necklace Charm

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Make Sure Your Medical ID, USB or Wallet Card Is Not Overlooked!
Attach to items you carry every day such as your:

  • key chain
  • cell phone
  • zipper pulls
  • necklace chain or charm bracelet
  • briefcase, backpack or luggage


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See Medical ID Necklace Charm See USB or Wallet Card Charm See Medical ID Bracelet Charm

Product Features

  • Pre-engraved with “SEE MEDICAL ID NECKLACE” on back of charm
  • Stainless Steel, 1/2" diameter, weighs approximately 1.4 grams – size of a dime coin
  • Supplied with Split-Ring for easy attachment to personal items such as those listed above

  • Number of Reviews: 53,

    Reviewer: Shirley E.
    Wed Apr 08, 2015:

    Reviewer: Paul S.
    Tue Jan 27, 2015: It makes it safer to know a paramedic will see my dog tag.

    Wed Jul 16, 2014:

    Reviewer: Gryphon C.
    Tue Jun 17, 2014: Nice and discreet.

    Reviewer: Bonnie V.
    Sun Jun 08, 2014:

    Wed Mar 12, 2014: This product is very good

    Reviewer: Kathleen T.
    Sat Feb 15, 2014: This charm does the job well. I am very happy with it.

    Reviewer: Kathleen T.
    Mon Jan 20, 2014: This is a good size and would draw attention to my bracelet. Very pleased with Charm.

    Reviewer: Kathleen T.
    Wed Jan 15, 2014: Exactly what I was hoping for.

    Reviewer: Nacedah H.
    Wed Jan 01, 2014: Exactly what I needed to make sure that, in case of an emergency, my medical condition would be known.

    Fri Nov 08, 2013: Quality

    Reviewer: Sandra L.
    Fri Jun 07, 2013:

    Reviewer: Frankie F.
    Tue Apr 23, 2013: I have it on my keyring, that I wear around my neck.

    Reviewer: Nina T.
    Sat Apr 13, 2013: nice looking

    Reviewer: Patricia R.
    Fri Mar 01, 2013: I like the size and weight of this.

    Reviewer: Maralyn P.
    Fri Jan 04, 2013: Good quality product.

    Wed Dec 26, 2012: I would have liked a longer necklace.

    Reviewer: Tiffany C.
    Fri Dec 14, 2012: Very vibrant color and workmanship, considering its size. It will definitely grab attention, which is why I purchased it.

    Reviewer: D. L.
    Sat Dec 08, 2012: Great product.

    Reviewer: Randy M.
    Thu Nov 08, 2012: Very pleased with product. Inscriptions easy to read.

    Reviewer: Linda V.
    Tue Nov 06, 2012: Nice but smaller than anticipated.

    Reviewer: Betty S.
    Wed Aug 15, 2012: The reverse showing name of medicine should be in larger letters.

    Reviewer: Susan C.
    Thu Aug 09, 2012: I have already purchased 2 medical ID necklaces and I realized that I did not have my name on them I bought these small tags to put with the bigger ones that say info on card . They are great and cute

    Reviewer: Julia M.
    Sat Jun 30, 2012: The charm is pretty and the engraving is legible. It is very nice.

    Reviewer: Cheryl T.
    Thu Jun 07, 2012: East to order; quick to receive

    Reviewer: Craig J.
    Tue Jun 05, 2012: good quality,just what I wanted.

    Reviewer: Jennifer C.
    Mon Apr 30, 2012: I love the necklace I wish there was a wider variety of chains or chords but over all i love it.

    Reviewer: Florence D.
    Sat Mar 31, 2012: seeing i have a lot of issues this will help if not able to speak for myself.

    Reviewer: Pauline B.
    Sat Jan 07, 2012: Beautiful. Just what I wanted

    Reviewer: Terry S.
    Wed Nov 16, 2011: Just what we needed

    Wed Nov 02, 2011: Nice looking and attractive

    Reviewer: Bradley H.
    Thu Sep 08, 2011: all i can say is that it looks great

    Reviewer: Kristy D.
    Tue Aug 09, 2011: I asked to duplicate my previous order which included a red medical ID Charm. I received a eye glass cleaning cloth instead. I was a bit disappointed.

    Reviewer: Sandra D.
    Sun Aug 07, 2011: Products are too expensive so I was forced to buy something minor.

    Reviewer: Robert B.
    Fri Jul 15, 2011: i was most impressed with the amount of engraving that could be put on the medical ID necklace charm. Delivery time was also very good.

    Reviewer: Janice R.
    Sat Apr 16, 2011: product as well as website and customer service agent were all excellent thank you

    Reviewer: Denise M.
    Sat Mar 26, 2011: It was exactly what I needed and wanted.

    Reviewer: Rose G.
    Tue Mar 22, 2011: I chose a 10K gold online medical registery charm that provides all access info, to go with other medical ID charms I have purchased in the past before this new advance in technology was available and match my other gold charms for better/dressed up wear.

    Tue Jan 18, 2011: great product

    Reviewer: Terri C.
    Tue Jan 18, 2011: Customer Service representative was extremely helpful and friendly. Received the ordered item in record time. Very pleased.

    Reviewer: Glenn T.
    Thu Dec 30, 2010: Excellent product. I use this item with my dog tag and also on my nitrolingual pump spray container, which is visible on my belt loop.

    Reviewer: Heather M.
    Wed Oct 13, 2010:

    Reviewer: Marian M.
    Wed Aug 25, 2010: It was very well done

    Reviewer: Mike M.
    Fri Jul 09, 2010: The online system is very nice, but the OMR tag is so tiny I fear it could be missed by emergency personnel.

    Reviewer: Brenda L.
    Fri Jun 18, 2010: I like the item, but am unhappy that when I called to have my previous disk changed per Dr.’s suggestion, no one knew what I was talking about. Therefore, I was forced to order a brand new one.

    Reviewer: John L.
    Fri Jun 18, 2010: now that i have the charm, i don’t really know where to attach it so an EMT person would spot it. Also, i don’t know how i would attached it to my watch strap, or whatever.

    Reviewer: Doloras S.
    Wed Jun 16, 2010: a bit pricey for my entire order, but did refer a new customer to you who liked my order very much.

    Reviewer: Linda S.
    Thu May 27, 2010: The charms I purchased are perfect They are great for many items. (watches,necklaces etc.)

    Reviewer: Jill T.
    Mon Apr 19, 2010: I bought this med. tag for my mother. I am not sure she will use it. I know she did not want to use any jewelery. I told her I thought she could put it on her purse or key chain. I ’m hoping she ’ll do that. She uses index cards to put here Rx info on. She has to change it a lot, med ’s change, so I hope she ’ll use these med cards too. I let her know I will order more med. info cards, if she likes. I think these are all a great idea. My Mom is CHF, dialysis patient, 82y/o. A lot of this is new to her. thank you.

    Reviewer: Callie L.
    Wed Apr 07, 2010: I ’m very pleased with the quality and clarity of the tag. This product suits my needs perfectly, I no longer worry about receiving the proper treatment in an emergency.

    Reviewer: Stephen P.
    Fri Mar 19, 2010: turned out to be very nice.

    Reviewer: Edward A.
    Fri Feb 26, 2010: Great product

    Reviewer: Sue H.
    Fri Jan 22, 2010: Very pleased with the item. Able to read the engraving very well. Very fast delivery.

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