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See USB or Wallet Card Charm

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Make Sure Your Medical ID, USB or Wallet Card Is Not Overlooked!
Attach to items you carry every day such as your:

  • key chain
  • cell phone
  • zipper pulls
  • necklace chain or charm bracelet
  • briefcase, backpack or luggage


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See Medical ID Necklace Charm See USB or Wallet Card Charm See Medical ID Bracelet Charm

Product Features

  • Engraved notification of ID location on back of charm
  • Stainless Steel, 1/2" diameter, weighs approximately 1.4 grams – size of a dime coin
  • Supplied with Split-Ring for easy attachment to personal items such as those listed above

  • Number of Reviews: 95,

    Reviewer: Karin W.
    Wed Aug 05, 2015:

    Tue Jul 21, 2015:

    Thu Jul 16, 2015: This type of item works well with previous acquired items.

    Reviewer: Patria L.
    Sun Jul 12, 2015: I like the idea of giving someone heads-up on my medical situation. I also purchased items for my parents and a close friend.

    Reviewer: Shirley E.
    Wed Apr 08, 2015:

    Thu Mar 05, 2015: a little bit too small, yet the first time I went out with it clipped to my purse strap someone noticed it and asked about it.

    Reviewer: Betty B.
    Wed Mar 04, 2015: Excellant quality for the price. Have purchased several before to attach to car keys, house keys, the zipper pull on my purse, etc. My health condition demands I provide this info, especially if I am in an accident and unconscious.

    Reviewer: Linda C.
    Mon Feb 23, 2015: very nice

    Reviewer: Kathleen T.
    Sun Jan 25, 2015:

    Reviewer: Oscar R. F.
    Fri Jan 23, 2015: It seems small and I really don’t think I had to buy it at all if the original USB necklace had been etched rather then a decal.

    Reviewer: Kathleen T.
    Fri Jan 23, 2015: Good size and easy to read.

    Sat Nov 22, 2014: Good quality, could be a bit larger.

    Reviewer: Shelia S.
    Thu Nov 13, 2014: Looks great. ...noticed by many coworkers.

    Reviewer: Shelia S.
    Thu Nov 13, 2014: Looks great. Have had a lot of people interested in this product.

    Reviewer: Tiffany L.
    Thu Nov 06, 2014: I love the charm accessory. It lets medical personal that I have medical information in my wallet.

    Reviewer: Jerry W.
    Mon Oct 06, 2014: Just the correct size to put on my car key ring and the price was reasonable.

    Reviewer: Lorie G.
    Wed Sep 17, 2014: Like it, very happy with my purchase.

    Mon Aug 11, 2014: I liked the product but wold have preferred it to be a bit larger

    Reviewer: Linda M.
    Fri Jul 25, 2014: Put this with my keys to alert medical/emergency to info on the wallet card.

    Reviewer: Margaret B.
    Thu Jul 03, 2014: Bright sharp details, easily identifiable from other things dangling on key chain, I.e., good luck charm or parking passkey.

    Reviewer: Earl James B.
    Sat Apr 26, 2014: Excellent Fantastic Product, Plus Great Price

    Reviewer: Nancy R.
    Sat Apr 12, 2014:

    Sun Mar 30, 2014: I am satisfied with it. It helps bring notice to my ID alert bracelet.

    Fri Mar 28, 2014: Very nice

    Reviewer: Kathleen T.
    Fri Jan 31, 2014: .

    Sat Jan 04, 2014: My husband doesn’t have a large wrist, but this men’s bracelet was too tight to be comfortable.

    Sat Dec 14, 2013: Just a tad too small to be really noticeable.

    Reviewer: S.
    Fri Dec 13, 2013: It’s bigger that I thought it would be. Wish it had a clasp on it so it could be easily move to various jewelry/wallet/accessories as needed.

    Mon Dec 02, 2013: High quality, right size.

    Sat Oct 19, 2013:

    Reviewer: Nancy R.
    Thu Oct 10, 2013:

    Mon Sep 02, 2013: I like it. But I think for a key chain it needs to be a little bigger. But I like it.

    Reviewer: Dennis H.
    Mon Aug 12, 2013:

    Fri Aug 09, 2013: Helpful in situations where multiple drug and chemical reactions cannot be engraved.

    Reviewer: Ellen Z.
    Fri Aug 02, 2013: I like it

    Reviewer: Russ N.
    Thu Jul 11, 2013: very impressed

    Reviewer: Juan Z.
    Sat Jun 29, 2013: I love it

    Thu Jun 27, 2013: as described and adequate for its use

    Reviewer: Linda H.
    Wed Jun 26, 2013: like very much. better quality than I expected, thanks

    Reviewer: David M.
    Thu Jun 13, 2013:

    Reviewer: Karen G.
    Sat May 25, 2013: I like this medical id very much. i will be ordering 4 more so i don’t have to keep changing it on each id bracelet i have. I don’t like the big ones i received this last time. but, i am very satisfied with this littler on. Thank you.

    Reviewer: Patricia C.
    Tue May 14, 2013: These are a little small and are difficult to attach to key rings, zipper pulls, etc., but I still think I’d rather have the I.D.s attached to those items than not. I put one on the zipper pull of my purse where I carry the wallet card. I must add your shipping department is on the ball as I received my order only days after I submitted it. Wow

    Reviewer: Kathy W.
    Sat May 11, 2013:

    Reviewer: Kathy
    Thu Mar 21, 2013: Good. Not easy to attach.

    Reviewer: Sandy H.
    Tue Mar 19, 2013: I think it should be bigger. I put it on my keychain and you can barely see it.

    Sat Mar 16, 2013: It is attractive as well as very medically needed.

    Wed Mar 06, 2013:

    Fri Mar 01, 2013: The charm is perfect to let the Paramedic or Doctors know that I have a medical condition since the USB Dog Tag ID’s emergency symbol wore off and I had to buy this so that emergency personnel would know that I have a medical condition - sad that you pay so much and have to add a charm to let medical know you have a condition - hope I don’t loose the charm...

    Wed Feb 27, 2013: It was too small.

    Mon Feb 25, 2013: Light and useful. Easy to attach to a key tag or chain

    Reviewer: J V.
    Wed Feb 20, 2013:

    Reviewer: John B.
    Tue Feb 12, 2013: Very nice, It just sets off the braclet and gets the attention of who ever is looking. I have a couple of IMT friends and they both said that the small charm is attractive and is a great service

    Reviewer: Donna D.
    Wed Jan 30, 2013: I bought this for my husband who doesn’t like to wear jewelry. The charms work great.. I have one hanging from the readview mirror in the car, and one on his keychain. I’m very happy the charms were available and that they were affordable. The postage was also a good price. Thank you

    Reviewer: Karen G.
    Fri Jan 11, 2013: It was smaller than I expected,but a good size to carry and be seen by emergency medical people.

    Reviewer: Sonya A.
    Mon Dec 31, 2012: It is discreet, yet easy to read.

    Reviewer: Gina S.
    Wed Dec 12, 2012: little to no information, cheap, useless

    Reviewer: John S.
    Sun Dec 02, 2012: attractive and durable

    Reviewer: Lori K.
    Fri Nov 30, 2012: It was exactly what I had been searching for

    Reviewer: Marc A.
    Fri Nov 23, 2012: just the perfect thing to hang on a winter jacket

    Reviewer: Robert H.
    Wed Nov 14, 2012: Feel if lettering was darkened in would be easier read

    Reviewer: Linda L.
    Sat Aug 25, 2012: well made, easy to read and easy to attach to charm bracelet

    Reviewer: Jessie H.
    Tue Aug 21, 2012: I like the ID cards they work well for our life style. We also bought the zippered ID bags and I love them they work for so many things. I use them all.

    Reviewer: Carol H.
    Thu Aug 16, 2012: I like the size of it - not overly obvious. The Expandable wallet card is perfect too.

    Reviewer: Sabra W.
    Tue Jul 17, 2012: I liked that it had the information on it that I wanted, but I was a little surprised at how small it really was. I ended up purchasing a USB medical alert device separately because it was actually CHEAPER to order them separately. You might want to consider that in your shipping costs.

    Reviewer: Sylvia K. A.
    Thu Jun 21, 2012: Like it very much

    Reviewer: Anne P.
    Sat May 12, 2012: This is going to give me a lot of peace of mind for my son on the autism spectrum who has difficulty with sharing his address or phone number.

    Reviewer: Kathryn R.
    Wed May 02, 2012: no complaints - should help call attention to ID information

    Reviewer: Sharon T.
    Wed Mar 28, 2012: not worth the money I paid for them and the package was soaked which the emergency cards were wet, had to wait to dry them out before using them packaging was poor.

    Reviewer: Cris B.
    Thu Mar 01, 2012: For the most part was very satisfied, would like to see a slightly better folding metal holder then you have.

    Reviewer: Dennis J.
    Wed Jan 18, 2012: great

    Reviewer: Edward L.
    Mon Jan 02, 2012: Can not rate selection as yet. If the Medical Alert symbol on the charm holds like the USB Dog Tag I would have to rate it as a 1 , the that symbol on my USB Dog Tag wore off after two years , which does not help medical pesonnel to identify as a Medical Alert device.

    Reviewer: Charlene W.
    Mon Oct 03, 2011: Small size keeps it discrete when you don’t want it noticed. Would like a stronger ring for attaching to necklace or bracelet.

    Reviewer: Victoria I.
    Tue Sep 27, 2011: It was just right for my charm bracelet. It is durable and my doctor approves.

    Reviewer: Bradley H.
    Thu Sep 08, 2011: the expandable medical card is great. it holds alot more info then the standard card and with the slip cover that comes with it offers alot better protection for the card.

    Reviewer: William H.
    Fri Jul 01, 2011: USB storage key rather expensive for what it is. Much cheaper keys are available.

    Reviewer: Dawn L.
    Thu Apr 28, 2011: it serves the purpose for what we need

    Reviewer: Rose G.
    Fri Apr 08, 2011: Love it, I actually bought on in gold and one in stainless. I was just in the ER this weekend and the nurse was able to pull up & print out all info and not have to ask me a lot of questions. She said it was the best kind of this technology she has seen.

    Reviewer: Gayle L.
    Wed Mar 30, 2011: Nice charm but is smaller than I thought it would be. Not very evident unless someone is really looking for it.

    Reviewer: Shirley R.
    Mon Mar 28, 2011: Great. Very Happy.

    Sat Jan 22, 2011: Very impressed. I like the small size and appreciate the color that makes it stand out.

    Reviewer: Linda V.
    Tue Jan 11, 2011: Charm is fine. lAlso purchased the wallet card. guess I expected it to be at least waterproof/vinyl/plastic coated. Did recommend website to others I know who need these items. Like the ’Build your own’ option. Feel safer with med ID.

    Reviewer: Marie K.
    Sat Jan 08, 2011: USB eMedTag- form does not have enough lines for medical information and history. Additional form space should be made available for more doctors and surgical/medical history.

    Reviewer: James C.
    Thu Dec 09, 2010: Excellent

    Reviewer: Shawna W.
    Sun Nov 14, 2010: I was impressed and will order from your company again ans well as direct others to your site.

    Reviewer: Theresa M.
    Wed Aug 04, 2010:

    Reviewer: Sally A.
    Mon May 24, 2010: Purchased USB and downloaded medical information. Very pleased with product.

    Reviewer: Mena D.
    Wed May 05, 2010: I am satisfied but am concerned that the printed message will rub or wear off quickly.

    Reviewer: Melissa D.
    Tue Apr 13, 2010: I purchased the online medical id which was not a choive liseted above. I have not had a chance to complete the process as yet

    Reviewer: Kelly W.
    Tue Mar 30, 2010: Small charm works well attached to a necklace and is a cheap way to feel safe and protected. Also bought the wallet card which can easily be carried with you.

    Reviewer: Linda N.
    Fri Mar 26, 2010: I ordered the Emergency ID Card for my wallet.

    Reviewer: Linda N.
    Fri Mar 26, 2010: I ordered the Emergency ID Card for my wallet.

    Reviewer: Jeannie F.
    Tue Jan 26, 2010: i am very pleased with my purchase. there was a problem with where my purchase went to my old address and they called me and it was resolved. thank you.

    Reviewer: Yukiko D.
    Tue Jan 26, 2010: Nice addition and happy to have, but a tad spendy for a mere 61M USB drive. Glad I bought it regardless.

    Reviewer: Lori R.
    Fri Jan 22, 2010: I bought the wallet cards for my son and his fiance. They do not like to wear an ID but they liked the idea of carrying ID in their wallets. They are both very pleased wioth the purchase.

    Fri Jan 22, 2010: very impressed

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