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e•MedTAG Stainless Steel USB Dog Tag

e•MedTAG Stainless Steel USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace full sizee•MedTAG Stainless Steel USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace full sizee•MedTAG Stainless Steel USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace full sizee•MedTAG Stainless Steel USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace full size
e•MedTAG Stainless Steel USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace icon
e•MedTAG Stainless Steel USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace icon
e•MedTAG Stainless Steel USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace icon
e•MedTAG Stainless Steel USB Dog Tag Medical ID Necklace icon

  • Portable personal health file on a compact, easy to carry USB thumb drive
  • Password protected, pre-loaded forms - simple to set up and update
  • Organize and easily access all your medical information
  • Wear around your neck, on your keychain, or carry in a purse, briefcase or backpack
  • Want a USB you can engrave? View our USB Dog Tag ID.

    This item has sold out and is no longer available. Please consider an alternate USB medical ID.


Keep your medical information with you at all times!

  • Doctor Visits
  • Pharmacy Consults
  • While Traveling
  • In an Emergency

This 1GB USB is perfect to store your:

  • Medical Conditions
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Doctors' Names
  • Insurance Information
  • Documents
    (such as living wills, donor cards, EKGs, CTs, x-rays, etc.)

The password protected e•MedTAG is compatible with Windows® 2000/ Vista/ XP/ 7, and Mac OS X 10.5.6

  • Approximately 1 3/8" by 2" necklace plate
  • Weighing approximately 22.5 grams
  • 28" Steel Bead chain included
  • USB is not water-proof protected
  • Information is on-screen viewing only
  • To print use your computer's print screen or screen capture function
  • This item is not engraved and non-returnable

  • Number of Reviews: 89,

    Reviewer: Frank G.
    Sun May 10, 2015:

    Tue Apr 21, 2015: I am hoping that MD’s will use it

    Tue Apr 21, 2015: Light weight, comprehensive, priced well &apparently water resistant. I ordered 2.

    Reviewer: Daniel S.
    Tue Mar 03, 2015: For it being an e med it should be able to store a greater amount of medical history

    Reviewer: Gary B.
    Tue Feb 17, 2015: I am very pleased with necklace. It is big but not too heavy and was very easy to follow the instructions to input my info .

    Reviewer: William T.
    Wed Feb 04, 2015: This is a great product for what it does and i would tell everyone i know to get this.

    Reviewer: Kathleen T.
    Sun Jan 25, 2015: I wish there was an area where you could add info that is not pre-loaded with questions.

    Reviewer: Kathleen T.
    Fri Jan 23, 2015: Easy to input but wish there was an area to add more info.

    Reviewer: Jill L.
    Tue Jan 20, 2015: Having on and the ability to change info with the USB is a real convient bonus.

    Reviewer: Walter B.
    Thu Dec 18, 2014: i like it. it is convenient and small in size.

    Reviewer: Andrea S.
    Tue Sep 23, 2014: Its a bit heavy but that’s ok

    Reviewer: Cal C.
    Sat Sep 20, 2014: It has the most impressive ability to hold almost all of the medical history inside this device that one could want..The only problem for men is that because it has to be 2 pieces of metal sealed there is a small ridge around the entire device where chest hairs get caught and does a continuous painful pulling when the device moves around the chest body. The only way to stop it is to wear a T-shirt under another outside shirt.If the factory could seal that ridge with a sealant of some kind it would be terrific..

    Reviewer: Gerry P.
    Wed Aug 20, 2014: I love the fact that I can wear this around my neck.Since I have epilepsy all my medical records can be easily accessed from my necklace to their records.I fell at Myrtle Beach and suffered a cranial brain bleed.This would have come in quite handy.Thank you American Medical.

    Reviewer: Margaret H.
    Wed Jul 16, 2014: Looks good and was very easy to use. Will be getting one for my husband.

    Reviewer: Oscar R. F.
    Sat Jun 28, 2014: I’m pretty happy with the storage capacity of the chip. I would appreciate it more if I could get some engraving on the back giving an early glimpse on what’s inside.

    Reviewer: Terra M.
    Wed Jun 25, 2014: Easy to fill out on the computer and attach to my keychain. I know if I have to make any changes, it will be easily done.

    Reviewer: Sandra D.
    Sat May 31, 2014: Whole medical file on a chain. Love it.

    Reviewer: James B.
    Wed May 14, 2014: Excellent product, if the chain didn’t pull my chest hair, it would be perfect.

    Reviewer: Barbara J M.
    Thu Apr 24, 2014: It’s much nicer than the bracelet and doesn’t turn my skin green.

    Reviewer: Sergio G.
    Wed Apr 02, 2014: I really like it. Just what I was looking for. Is there anyway to make the chain thicker and heavier it seems to flimsy and thin to hold the tag

    Reviewer: Robin
    Fri Mar 21, 2014: it is really cool. my doctor’s office loved it. I am able to update it and they can access it easily.

    Reviewer: Marion P.
    Mon Feb 17, 2014: would like more room for medications and dosages

    Reviewer: Edward S.
    Sun Jan 12, 2014:

    Reviewer: Michael S.
    Fri Aug 09, 2013: This is a very efficient way to provide my health information. Used it with a new doctor he was impressed and is going to recommended to patients.

    Wed Jul 17, 2013: It is what I wanted and what I expected.

    Wed Jul 10, 2013: sufficient. not enough room to put everything for a person with many conditions.

    Reviewer: Harold B.
    Thu Jun 27, 2013: Really like being USB/computer based with memory stick capability for other stored files like power of attorney.

    Reviewer: Nancy W.
    Mon May 13, 2013:

    Reviewer: Janet K.
    Fri May 10, 2013:

    Reviewer: Susan R.
    Tue Apr 30, 2013: Good product. I wish there was a page on the flash drive for more medical information.

    Reviewer: Emily L.
    Tue Apr 30, 2013: It fits my needs perfectly. Very easy to understand the instructions for loading it. Price is just right. Thank You

    Reviewer: Robert M.
    Tue Apr 23, 2013: Unbelievable

    Reviewer: Judy F S.
    Sun Apr 14, 2013: It’s great

    Reviewer: Windie E.
    Sat Apr 06, 2013: it is what i was looking for

    Wed Mar 20, 2013:

    Reviewer: Harlan D.
    Thu Mar 14, 2013: I can put all medical records on it.

    Reviewer: Larry R.
    Mon Mar 11, 2013: This Product Is wonderful It was Very easy to inputted the Medical Info and Pic on to the usb thank you. Please Note on the back of this Product I customized the back of It by adding a star of life on the bottom and putting my L.P. Ryan above the round Star of Life on top do to you do not do engraving on this product it turn out very nice on my part. I love this product thank you.

    Mon Jan 28, 2013:

    Reviewer: Jackie K.
    Fri Dec 28, 2012: Can I get it wet.

    Reviewer: Karen P S.
    Thu Dec 13, 2012: Instead of a necklace or bracelet this is a great medical ID item for a keychain, for men, because they always have their keys with them and now the MED-E Tag is always with them.

    Reviewer: Robert G.
    Tue Sep 18, 2012: Easy to load info on the usb. I like that emt can quickly plug in and get my info asap.

    Reviewer: Lee T.
    Sat Aug 11, 2012: Very good product providing complete med history for user.

    Reviewer: Bobby B.
    Mon Jul 16, 2012: I like the USB portion due to the ease of the form but I’m not pleased with the fact that the wording has rubbed off..

    Reviewer: Bonita R.
    Mon Jun 18, 2012: It is easy to use. The instructions are clearly written.

    Reviewer: David W.
    Fri May 04, 2012: A very worthwhile purchase. I have uploaded medical info to my USB and now it is easily available to any helpers who may need it if I am in a hypo/ accident etc.

    Reviewer: Mal P.
    Tue Mar 27, 2012: It is an innovative idea with more than enough storage space for my medical history. Not for wearing around the house but when out and about - perfect. Many thanks.

    Reviewer: Martin M.
    Thu Dec 22, 2011: The USB tag should have the med-alert symbol stamped into the tag housing and enameled - not painted which wears off fairly quickly. There also should be an option to purchase a guard to keep body acid from attacking the tag.

    Reviewer: Susan L.
    Thu Nov 10, 2011: I was impress to put in infromation

    Reviewer: Donna W.
    Sat Jun 25, 2011: I wish there was more room to document medical information and that the Medical alert emblem were on it.

    Reviewer: Linda L.
    Thu Jun 23, 2011: VERY convenient to use. Like having all my medical information so handy.

    Reviewer: Robert W.
    Thu Apr 07, 2011: Extremely impressed with item, and the fact of the short delivery time of it.

    Reviewer: Michael C.
    Thu Apr 07, 2011: It’s Great, answers questions if I can not.

    Reviewer: Richard E B.
    Fri Apr 01, 2011: Allows much more space for medical information, than all other ID

    Reviewer: Rose G.
    Tue Mar 22, 2011: Love the product. I am disabled because of a major illness that was life threating. I have a long list of medical information & medications. The USB Dog tag make me feel comfortable that if I can’t speak for myself it will & I will get proper life saving medical care.

    Reviewer: William O.
    Tue Feb 01, 2011: Very Good with 1 exception. The information cannot be printed. This should be added to the program.

    Reviewer: Tamara B.
    Wed Dec 29, 2010:

    Reviewer: Robbin M.
    Sun Dec 12, 2010: It’s nice to have all my information in one place. I hope I figure it out, to be able to put all my info in so it’s handy wherever I go.

    Reviewer: Sashi W.
    Sun Sep 05, 2010: I purchased the folding wallet card, but it wasn’t an option on this survey page. But it was an excellent item. Suggesion to laminate the outside of the card or make it out of a hard plastic keeping the inside the same paper, this would decrease damage to the card when inside the wallet.

    Reviewer: Richard H.
    Thu Sep 02, 2010: Very Impressed. However, my family has more critical doctors to be contacted and more medicines to be added. Maybe you could create a summary pannel (as you have now) and allow for indepth panels to add more details about 1)practicioners, 2)medicaions, 3) allergies and 4) past medical procedures. Thank You

    Reviewer: Shane T.
    Tue Aug 31, 2010: The writing on the the swivel tag wasn’t clear or easy to read.

    Reviewer: William C.
    Sat Aug 28, 2010: hard to use .you can push out usb plug but will not lock. when you push it in ups plug slided back in to case. you haveto try to hold the black pin forward when pluging in.

    Reviewer: Elias B.
    Mon Aug 23, 2010: I am thoroughly satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship of the product. I had my own chain to use; however, had I given it more thought, I would have ordered a quality chain to go along with the product.

    Reviewer: Brenda P.
    Sat Aug 14, 2010: Very pleased. Wish it had more space, though, for additional information. My husband has several serious medical conditions. If there was room, I would give a brief narrative of his conditions and requirements.

    Mon Aug 02, 2010: I like to know my info is there if i collapse though the tag is rather heavy. I have removed the necklace and put it onto my key chain and wear my charm around my neck.

    Reviewer: Susan R.
    Thu Jul 29, 2010: Just received it recently, but so far am very happy with my purchase.

    Reviewer: Theresa M.
    Sat Jul 10, 2010: I love it Everything is in one place.

    Reviewer: Arlene S.
    Sat Jul 10, 2010: not sure chose the right one. it’s the one that has a rubberized like cover

    Reviewer: John L.
    Fri Jun 18, 2010: it does what you said it would do. loading the data was simple. i wish the chain had been longer. It barely goes over my head and i have to take it off every time i shower.

    Reviewer: Harold P.
    Tue Jun 01, 2010: you can not print the information. Some places will not allow a outside device be attached to their computers

    Reviewer: Rachel C.
    Tue May 25, 2010: nice product but 2 recommendations. 1. tighten the swivel so it does not open on its own and 2 make it smaller.

    Reviewer: Paul G.
    Tue May 18, 2010: It appears to do what I want. Wish there was a water proof case. I am afraid I will leave it on when I take a shower.

    Reviewer: Heidi R.
    Wed May 05, 2010: Overall I love the form, however, I think that you need more blank space that is visual on the form for other info.

    Reviewer: Beverly E.
    Thu Apr 29, 2010: very satisfied not bulkey onyour wrist

    Reviewer: Rafael M.
    Thu Apr 22, 2010: Lots of valuable information available from memory stick

    Reviewer: Mary Ellen B.
    Mon Apr 19, 2010: I could have paid less money out for a regular USB flash drive to hold the same information as I put on eMed Tag Swivel. Also, it would have been better if the Swivel Tag had the medical alert logo on it either in place of or in addition to the eMed Tag logo. Also, you need to let people know what software can access the information put onto the eMed Tag. If people are using different software (older than mine, for instance) then they will be unable to access the information on the eMed Tag.

    Tue Apr 06, 2010: Very user=friendly and easy to use. Friends were surprised when I showed them the eMed Tag swivel.

    Reviewer: Ronald C.
    Mon Apr 05, 2010: The USB was a larger dog tag than I thought it would be, then it took me several tries to actually input my information. Since it IS so big, I ’ll probably carry it with my in my bag or pocket instead of wear it like I was hoping to do.

    Reviewer: Pauline H.
    Tue Mar 23, 2010: The e MedTag Swivel is very easy and simple to use. Great for when you have multiple health issues that you cant fit on an ID bracelet.Love it

    Reviewer: Tom G.
    Fri Mar 12, 2010:

    Reviewer: Chyrell K.
    Fri Mar 12, 2010: I love that all my info is so handy In case of emergency.

    Reviewer: Chyrell K.
    Thu Mar 04, 2010: Has all the information needed in case of accident.Paramedics or or any energency tech has easy access.

    Reviewer: Clifford S.
    Thu Feb 25, 2010: its seems like a quality product. I got the USB in the dog tag. I wish it had a water proof case.

    Reviewer: Jay B.
    Mon Feb 22, 2010: Serves the purpose

    Reviewer: John E.
    Thu Feb 11, 2010:

    Reviewer: Reta B.
    Wed Feb 03, 2010: The instruction for loading the basic file were very straight forward. Having adequate space to store more detailed information (continuing record of doctors visits & actions, ongoing record from blood-thinning clinic, etc.) is highly valuable as I travel to Europe 4-5 times a year. To make these files more accessible I store them in text.

    Reviewer: Dolores T.
    Wed Feb 03, 2010: I am satisfied with my purchase. I also purchased a flash drive which I am very happy to have.

    Reviewer: Brian G.
    Fri Jan 22, 2010: I have been most impressed with your products and especially your customer satisfaction. I have had 2 problems, one being my fault. Your employees are most pleasent and helpful. I just dealt with Andrew and he was very quick to take care of my problem. I even offered to pay and he took care of me at no additional charge. I am saving up to purchase the Lynx with gold for my next order. Thank you very much for all your company has done for me.

    Reviewer: Bobby D.
    Fri Jan 22, 2010: I wish the usb were not so easy to swivel. I am afraid it will open accidentally and be damaged.

    Fri Jan 22, 2010: very impressed .... showing to everyone, including doctors.

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