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Titanium Sleek Bracelet

Titanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet full sizeTitanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet full sizeTitanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet full sizeTitanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet full sizeTitanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet full sizeTitanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet full sizeTitanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet full sizeTitanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet full sizeTitanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet full size
Titanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet icon
Titanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet icon
Titanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet icon
Titanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet icon
Titanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet icon
Titanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet icon
Titanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet icon
Titanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet icon
Titanium Sleek Medical ID Bracelet icon

Putting the "fun" back in functional, this colorful medical ID is a great choice for people of all ages!

  • Lightweight and hypoallergenic, Titanium is a great choice for those with metal allergies or who want the lightest Medical ID on the market.
  • Interchangeable silicone bands - Available in multiple sizes and fun colors
  • Interchangeable to fit standard width “cause” bracelets (like LIVESTRONG or Susan G. Komen)
  • Medical emblem embossed on silicone band
  • Personalized engraving for only $7
  • Purchase 9 band colors in a bundle pack – only $5.00 additional (colors may vary)
  • Look for more colorful bundle packs after engraving selection

  • Sorry, this product has sold out and is no longer available! Please consider an alternate ID option.


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Titanium Sleek Bracelet

  • Titanium ID plate – lightest medical ID on the market
  • Stretch silicone band, non adjustable
  • Weight: 8 grams
  • Engravable plate size approximately 1 1/2" x 1/2"
  • Three lines of engraving available
  • Available sizes: 6" (S), 7" (M), 8" (L) and 9" (XL)
  • Engraving detail instructions provided after making product selection
  • Silicone band 1/2" width

Number of Reviews: 165,

Reviewer: Nancy C.
Sat May 23, 2015: Comfortable, fits well, and is still attractive.

Reviewer: Rhoda H.
Thu May 21, 2015:

Sat May 16, 2015:

Reviewer: William T.
Sat May 16, 2015: I did have a problem with the size of the bands and so I called. The customer service person sent me out the next size smaller and I am very happy.

Reviewer: Natalie H.
Thu May 14, 2015: I really have had a great experience with this company. It was fast shipping and delivery and the product itself is amazing as well.

Reviewer: Brenda F.
Thu May 14, 2015:

Reviewer: Julie C.
Sun May 10, 2015: Better than what I imagined.

Sat May 09, 2015:

Reviewer: Veronica G.
Sat May 09, 2015: Great product and easy to change bands

Wed May 06, 2015: It is a nice band and something my son will wear.

Reviewer: Jim S.
Wed May 06, 2015: Exactly what we wanted and expected.

Reviewer: Lori R.
Wed May 06, 2015: I like how easy it goes on and off when u want to change it to a different color...

Reviewer: Kelly S.
Mon May 04, 2015: Pleased with the quality of the bracelet.

Reviewer: John C.
Fri May 01, 2015: Awesome. Fits just right.

Reviewer: Richard B.
Fri May 01, 2015: Looks great Wish it did not have your website on the back.

Reviewer: Amy M.
Mon Apr 27, 2015: The silcone band seems cheap

Fri Apr 17, 2015: Very impressed.

Reviewer: Janice B.
Wed Apr 01, 2015: i am pleased but I thought the printing would be larger but it is fine as it is.

Reviewer: K. A.
Fri Mar 27, 2015: Nice colors.

Reviewer: Sandra R.
Wed Mar 25, 2015: Produce is perfect for my son.

Sun Mar 22, 2015: Great

Reviewer: Matt L.
Sat Mar 21, 2015: I am very pleased with my purchase. Also the quickness of getting it was great.

Wed Mar 04, 2015: Have only had it for a short time, but the product was as described and arrived as promised. So far, so good.

Reviewer: Jennifer W.
Sun Mar 01, 2015:

Reviewer: Bob T.
Fri Feb 27, 2015:

Reviewer: Mimi H.
Thu Feb 12, 2015: I am THRILLED with my order. Have had bracelets in the past but these are by far the best

Reviewer: Mindy C.
Wed Feb 11, 2015: Love that the you can change the bands.

Reviewer: Susan C.
Tue Feb 10, 2015: I like the different colors.

Reviewer: Jean W.
Wed Feb 04, 2015: It is nice to have the bands to switch between to have different colors. I wish I had left off one condition and put see wallet card because I have found that you can’t write on those bands. Even Sharpie, which is supposed to be permanent, wipes right off. I guess I will know for the next time I order one. Also, it would be nice if there were more non-metal options. The braclet I bought was on clearance and I can’t wear metal necklaces or braclets. Some of the other current non-metal options were too casual , for lack of a better word. I wear this all the time and that includes work and church. Will there be other non-metal options coming in the future?

Reviewer: Karen R.
Mon Feb 02, 2015: Good choice for a child or teenager.

Reviewer: Katrina H.
Mon Jan 26, 2015:

Reviewer: Mary K.
Sun Jan 25, 2015: Like it very much Hard at first to get the ID attached to the band when wanting to change colors but easier now.

Reviewer: Peggy P.
Wed Jan 21, 2015: I like that it is easy to put on my wrist, it will stay in place and it matches nearly everything. I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

Reviewer: Susan H.
Wed Jan 21, 2015: It is fine - so far; would be what had been expected.

Reviewer: Kelly S.
Tue Jan 20, 2015:

Reviewer: Maryetta G.
Tue Jan 20, 2015: its easy to wear and doesnt tarnish or get that dirty

Reviewer: Kathie N.
Sat Jan 10, 2015: Nice

Reviewer: Eric G.
Tue Jan 06, 2015: Came as described. Comfortable and in good condition.

Reviewer: Bill M.
Sat Dec 06, 2014: Exactly what I expected.

Reviewer: Elizabeth L.
Fri Nov 21, 2014: at first I was afraid that it would be difficult to change the bands. The customer service person told me how to watch a video and it is a snap I also ordered large bands which were too big and they sent the mediums right away. Thank You

Reviewer: Anthony C.
Sat Nov 15, 2014: Just what I expected.

Reviewer: Michele W.
Fri Nov 14, 2014: My husband really likes this bracelet

Reviewer: Virginia V.

Sat Oct 11, 2014: Didn’t understand that only a single engraved ID was provided with multiple bands. Changing the ID part among bands is a bit tedious. Also would have like a couple more letters on one of the lines--would easily have fit. Despite that, I am happy enough with the purchase.

Reviewer: Donna B.
Thu Oct 09, 2014: I like the look of the product, and that I can switch it with other color bands. However, within the first few days I had it....I already have a few scratches in it and I do not have a physical job and have been quite careful with it, so a little disappointed with that aspect. (

Reviewer: Jan H.
Thu Oct 09, 2014: It is a good product. The script is hard to read though.

Reviewer: Wendy P.
Mon Sep 29, 2014:

Reviewer: Marlene B.
Wed Sep 24, 2014: Very happy with the product. Just what I had expected when ordered.

Reviewer: Katherine C.
Thu Sep 11, 2014: The product was very nice and fit our daughter who is one very well. I will say however, that I wish the name plate was a little more bent and not as flat. It is too long for our daughters wrist and makes it difficult at times for her to wear the band comfortably. This is the only thing that will deter us from buying the same band in a few months. We are just low on options because she is only one and a jewelry type bracelet is not an option.

Reviewer: Aurora D.
Wed Sep 10, 2014: Attractive and happily worn by my 6 year old son. Con is the metal sometimes catches and scratches.

Wed Sep 10, 2014:

Fri Sep 05, 2014: Very comfortable.

Reviewer: Amanda
Sun Aug 10, 2014: I love this it is so light weight and beach and water proof. I forget I even have it on.

Reviewer: Jodi P.
Thu Aug 07, 2014:

Reviewer: Vicki B.
Wed Jul 23, 2014: Our granddaughter loves the many colored bands and changes often as she is 12

Reviewer: Natalie
Tue Jul 22, 2014: Very cute,Love changing the colors according to what im wearing.

Reviewer: John N.
Mon Jul 14, 2014: Over-priced and of minimal quality.

Sun Jul 13, 2014: Good

Reviewer: Jessica H.
Thu Jul 10, 2014: Somewhat difficult to place the metal informational part on the bracelet, but I do like the option to switch out bracelet colors

Reviewer: Stefanie N.
Sat Jul 05, 2014: This was for my mom. She really likes how easy it is to put on, but can not read the small print.

Tue Jul 01, 2014:

Fri Jun 27, 2014: lightweight, readable and easy to wear.

Reviewer: Dianne M.
Thu Jun 26, 2014: The bracelet is well made but silicone bands were too small. I have made arrangements to return for a larger size.

Reviewer: Lynda D.
Thu Jun 26, 2014: It meets all my expectations.

Reviewer: Herman C.
Thu Jun 26, 2014:

Reviewer: Heidi S.
Wed Jun 25, 2014: the engraving is hard to read tiny letters

Tue Jun 17, 2014: braclet should have a more noticeable alert maybe in red

Reviewer: Mark R.
Tue Jun 17, 2014: The info is clear and readable on the plate. It is very comfortable to wear and tends to be on the underside of my wrist so it doesn’t draw attention to my conditions.

Tue Jun 17, 2014:

Reviewer: George T.
Sat Jun 14, 2014: It scratches to easily.

Reviewer: Diane A.
Thu Jun 05, 2014: I love this ID bracelet. I got the sport one with the titanium plate and it’s comfortable and just the right size. Exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Thu Jun 05, 2014:

Reviewer: Russ
Thu Jun 05, 2014: Very impressed with the quality of product.

Reviewer: Kevin G.
Mon Jun 02, 2014: Like the bands but would prefer to pick a set number of colors. ie 2 black, 3 blue etc. I don’t see myself getting too much use out of pink and whiite

Reviewer: Molly F.
Sun Jun 01, 2014: I think that is a good design, im a teen so it fits with my other bracelets

Reviewer: Janet K.
Wed May 14, 2014: Completely satisfied with the quality.

Sun May 11, 2014: I like the bracelet. A lot of my friends think it is cool.

Reviewer: Maryanne C.
Sun May 11, 2014: They are much easier to wear with the heat, and they do not fit tight on my arm. I also love the colors. The bands are great.

Sun May 11, 2014:

Sat May 10, 2014: I like the different color variety, and I will always wear the bracelet every day.

Tue Apr 15, 2014: My teen loves the multiple color options and the fact that she can wear it in the shower

Fri Apr 04, 2014:

Sat Mar 29, 2014: Good for little guys

Fri Mar 28, 2014:

Reviewer: Cynthia R.
Wed Mar 19, 2014: My grandson had been with out a medical ID band, just didn’t like many I found these and he wears it everyday, it looks cool.

Reviewer: Pina M.
Thu Mar 13, 2014: Lightweight, easy to wear, fun colours. My son is happy to wear the bracelet

Reviewer: John V.
Wed Mar 05, 2014: easy to wear, wish you would indicate inch size of bands

Reviewer: Gerene D.
Fri Feb 14, 2014: I purchased it for my daughter. I liked the idea that the band can be changed to wear with different colors. She uses a lot of sanitizer at her job, and it is hard on the metal bracelet she has been wearing lately. I think the rubber band will work much better, and the sleek look is much more versatile.

Reviewer: Wayne C.
Sat Feb 08, 2014:

Reviewer: Sonya T.
Fri Jan 31, 2014: Love the bracelet very slim and non-obtrusive looking. Probably should have gotten a larger size though.

Reviewer: Ann G.
Tue Jan 14, 2014: These are great but I bought them too small for my grandchildren.

Tue Jan 07, 2014: Very fast and looks great My son will now wear his bracelet without any arguments.

Reviewer: Dolores S.
Tue Nov 05, 2013: Very good quality with discreet information tag

Thu Oct 24, 2013: Light weight. You forget that you’re wearing it. Not cold.

Reviewer: Linda P.
Sat Oct 19, 2013: Great

Reviewer: Cathy V.
Sun Oct 13, 2013:

Reviewer: Kimberly J.
Sat Oct 05, 2013:

Sun Sep 29, 2013:

Sun Sep 29, 2013: Easy to wear, unobtrusive, and most important, stays on

Fri Sep 20, 2013: Good

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