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Health News Brief

January 17, 2012   

Blood Pressure Meds Extend Long-Term
Life Expectancy
People who took blood pressure medicine during a 1980s clinical trial showed longer life expectancy two decades later than people who took a placebo.
Source: Journal of the American Medical Association Read More

Sugars and Sugar Alcohols: Whatís the Difference?
If you have diabetes, itís critical to understand how carbohydrates and sugar affect blood glucose levels.
Source: Johns Hopkins Medicine Read More

1-in-10 Patients Donít Tell Their Healthcare Practitioner Theyíre Still Smoking
Approximately 13% of smokers do not disclose their tobacco habit to their healthcare provider.
Source: Legacy, Drug Store News Read More

Cholesterol: Fact vs. Fiction
How can you best prepare yourself against this silent killer? Vigilance.
Source: Cleveland Clinic Read More

Extra Calories, Low Protein are Culprits in Weight Gain
The bathroom scales can fool you, a new study shows.
Source: USA Today Read More

Addison's Disease? Wear a Medical ID
Addisonís disease, also known as adrenal insufficiency, occurs when underactive adrenal glands donít produce enough of the hormone cortisol and, in some cases, the hormone aldosterone.

Since adrenal insufficiency is life-threatening, patients should wear a medical alert bracelet or necklace at all times.
Source: Cleveland Clinic Read More


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