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Health News Brief

March 20, 2012   

Arm Length Linked to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Risk
An interesting study published recently in Diabetologia shows that people with shorter arm length are at higher risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Source: Diabetologia Read More

Risks: More Red Meat, More Mortality
Eating red meat is associated with a sharply increased risk of death from cancer and heart disease, according to a new study, and the more of it you eat, the greater the risk.
Source: Archives of Internal Medicine Read More

Why Itís So Important to Keep Moving
Hoping to learn more about how inactivity affects disease risk, researchers at the University of Missouri recently persuaded a group of healthy, active young adults to stop moving around so much.
Source: The New York Times Read More

Heart Attack With No Chest Pain More Likely In Women
Women, especially younger women, are more likely than men to show up at the hospital with no chest pain or discomfort after having a heart attack, a new study suggests.
Source: Reuters Read More

Top 14 Myths About Food and Nutrition
Do carbs make you fat? Will eating tons of protein help you get Arnoldís muscles? Local health experts give us the cold, hard facts.
Source: The Washingtonian Read More

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