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Health News Brief

March 19. 2013   

Home Altitude Tied To Obesity Risk
Americans who live where the air is thinnest are less likely to be obese than those in low-lying areas, according to a new study.
Source: The University of the Health Sciences Read More

Just One Fatty Meal Can Bring On Heart Attack
Research shows that a single high-fat meal can result in a fatal heart attack, says one of the nation’s top cardiologists.
Source: Canadian Cardiovascular Conference Read More

5 Million More People Living With Diabetes
New research from the American Diabetes Association shows the total cost of diabetes was 5 billion in 2012 – a 41% increase from the 4 billion spent in 2007.
Source: American Diabetes Association Read More

8 Foods That Help Lower Cholesterol
Enjoy a heart healthy diet that won’t clog your arteries.
Source: AARP Read More

Children’s Severe Food Allergies Fade After One Doc’s New Treatment
An alarming one in every 13 kids in America has a food allergy, meaning the slightest contact with certain foods can be life-threatening, but there’s new hope for kids with allergies thanks to a radical new treatment, NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.
Source: Today Read More


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