Health News Brief: Teens Ate ‘Too Many Calories’ At Subway And McDonalds, Is Popcorn Giving You Heart Disease?, A Scary New Wave Of Bullying: Picking On Kids With Allergies American Medical ID


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Health News Brief

June 25. 2013   

Teens Ate ‘Too Many Calories’ At Subway And McDonalds, Study Says
Adolescents who went to McDonald’s and Subway in Los Angeles bought about the same number of calories at each, despite Subway's reputation as a healthier place to eat, researchers said.
Source: Journal of Adolescent Health Read More

Is Popcorn Giving You Heart Disease?
It’s called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)—a chemical found in things like nonstick cookware, food wrappers, furniture, and even raincoats—and it’s been linked to cardiovascular disease, according to a new study. The kicker? A full 98 percent of us have PFOA in our bloodstreams.
Source: West Virginia University of Public Health, Morgantown Read More

Positive Social Support At Work May Help Prevent Diabetes
Work conditions, including low levels of social support and high levels of stress, can accurately predict the development of diabetes over the long term — even in employees who appear to be healthy otherwise, according to new research.
Source: Journal of Occupational Health Psychology Read More

Oatmeal Shows Satiety Advantages Over Cereal In Study
Eating oatmeal for breakfast enhanced feelings of fullness and helped curb hunger to a significantly greater extent when compared to eating an oat-based, ready-to-eat cereal in a study funded by the Quaker Oats Center of Excellence, PepsiCo R.&D. Nutrition. The researched was presented at Experimental Biology 2013 held April 21-24 in Boston.
Source: Experimental Biology 2013 Read More

A Scary New Wave Of Bullying: Picking On Kids With Food Allergies
As isolated incidents of bullying, these acts may simply seem rude and obnoxious, but for the 5.9 million U.S. kids living with a life-threatening food allergy, such stories—where food is akin to a deadly weapon—are downright chilling.
Source: The New York Times Read More


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