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Health News Brief

July 23. 2013   

Short, Intense Workout Goes A Long Way
A single, short bout of high-intensity exercise three times a week led to significant health benefits in slightly overweight men, researchers reported.
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Heart Failure Treatment Improves, But Death Rate Remains High
This is one of those "good news, but" medical stories. New treatments for heart failure have made it much less likely that people with this chronic condition will die suddenly.
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Can A Gut Bacterium Curb Obesity?
A certain bacterium has been found in high numbers in the guts of people who are not over weight and in lower numbers in people who are. The bacterium appears to have a role in preventing certain types of obesity.
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10 Types of Medications That Can Make You Feel Depressed
Researchers have long known that many drugs can make us feel down or even depressed and that, as we age, our changing body chemistries put us at a greater risk for this side effect. But few doctors think to review the medications list when their patients have the telltale symptoms of depression: lack of energy, listlessness, feeling rundown, excessive fatigue, changes in appetite and sleeping patterns, sadness, despair.
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Researchers Focus on Eczema-Food Allergy Link
The skin disease eczema may be an important factor in the development of food allergies in infants, a new British study suggests. The breakdown in the skin barrier that occurs in eczema could play a key role in triggering food sensitivity in babies, the researchers from King's College London and the University of Dundee said.
Source: King’s College London & The University of Dundee Read More


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