Health News Brief: Blame Poor Sleep For Unhealthy Cravings For Pizza, The Worst Times To Be Treated For A Heart Condition, What's In Chocolate Cocoa That Might Benefit Brain Health? American Medical ID


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Health News Brief

August 13. 2013   

Blame Poor Sleep For Unhealthy Cravings For Pizza
Sleep deprivation can make us crave for junk food more than healthy food, a new study has revealed. Researchers at UC Berkeley scanned the brains of 23 healthy young adults, first after a normal night's sleep and next, after a sleepless night by using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).
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The Worst Times To Be Treated For A Heart Condition
Some months, days of the week and even times of day are linked to a greater risk of dying if you have a heart condition. In a study of nearly 1 million hospital admissions for heart failure over 14 years, researchers were able to pinpoint the times that were associated with the highest risk of death and longest stays in the hospital.
Source: Heart Failure Congress 2013 in Lisbon Read More

Artificial Sweeteners Affect Metabolism And Insulin Levels
While past studies have shown coffee in moderation could help you lose weight and cut risk of type 2 diabetes, a recent examination found that the opposite—coffee overload — could prevent weight loss.
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What's In Chocolate, Cocoa That Might Benefit Brain Health?
There’s nothing much more alluring than a headline touting the health benefits of chocolate – and if they have to do with protecting the brain, most of us are sold. There’s been a lot of research in this area, with some studies strongly suggesting that compounds in cocoa may reduce the risk for age-related cognitive decline, or, possibly, even reverse it once it occurs.
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Fresh, Unprocessed Baby Foods Tied To Less Allergy
Babies who ate more fruits and vegetables and fewer packaged foods were less likely to develop food allergies in a new study that looked at overall diet patterns instead of just specific foods.
Source: The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Read More


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