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Health News Brief

November 12. 2013   

Mayo Clinic Rated Highest For Diabetes And
Endocrine Care
In the US News & World Report’s list of “Best Hospitals of 2013-2014,” Mayo Clinic was ranked No. 1 among hospitals in the United States providing diabetes and endocrine care. The diabetes and endocrinology hospital list includes nearly 1,130 hospitals, all of which are experienced in treating difficult cases.
Source: US News & World Report Read More

Prevent Heart Attack And Stroke
According to cardiologists, most heart attacks occur in the day, generally between 6 a.m. and noon.
Source: Market Watch, The Wall Street Journal Read More

Food Allergies On The Rise, Becoming A 'Public Health Problem'
New data suggests that early introduction of highly allergenic foods-such as peanuts may reduce a child's risk for developing food allergies,
Source: American Academy Of Allergy & Immunology Read More

Mediterranean Diet Linked To Longer Lifespan And Better Health
New research suggests that middle-aged women who follow a Mediterranean diet or similar may increase their lifespan and avoid physical or cognitive impairments and chronic illnesses in older age.
Source: Annals Of Internal Medicine Read More

Balance Training Seems to Prevent Fall And Injuries
In Seniors
Most people take balance for granted. They navigate without thinking, effort, or fear. For millions of others, though, poor balance is a problem. Some struggle with long-term dizziness or imbalance. Others suffer balance-related falls and injuries. A new study concludes that exercise can reduce not only the odds of falling but the odds of sustaining fall-related injuries.
Source: BMJ Read More


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