Health News Brief: Tea Consumption May Help Heart Disease Patients, Protein Consumption May Affect Calorie Intake, Preventing Fall-Related Injuries In Seniors American Medical ID


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Health News Brief

November 19. 2013   

Tea Consumption May Help Heart Disease Patients
Drinking black tea may reverse a process called endothelial dysfunction that occurs in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD). Both short- term and long-term effects of tea drinking were found for CAD patients.
Source: Boston University School Of Medicine Read More

How A Dog Can Save Your Life: Pets Trained To Detect Diabetes
Experts have proved for the first time that dogs trained to respond to their owner’s low blood sugar levels can save them from a potentially fatal hypoglycemic attack.
Source: PLoS One Read More

Research Brings Treatment For Dangerous Allergies Closer
New research published in the journal Nature Chemical Biology shows that a group of scientists has made concrete progress toward the development of the first-ever inhibitory therapeutic for Type I hypersensitive allergic reactions.
Source: Natural Chemical Biology Read More

Protein Consumption May Affect Calorie Intake
The human need for protein is so powerful we are driven to overeat in our search to consume more of it, Sydney researchers say. Their research has found calorie intake increases as people eat less protein in proportion to other nutrients such as fat and carbohydrates.
Source: Obesity Reviews Read More

Preventing Fall-Related Injuries In Seniors
Exercise programs meant to prevent falls in seniors may also help prevent injuries caused by falls.
Source: British Medical Journal Read More


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