Engraved USB Dog Tag ID on Bead Chain 24 inch


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Introducing the USB Dog Tag ID...the first ever engravable USB/Medical ID!

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I would buy this product again.


I used for my special medical needs.

State College, PA 16803

My Medical USB Dog Tag


Wearing my engraved usb dog tag that lists that I am on a blood thinner, Diabetes, had blood clots in my lungs, have systemic lupus + heart issues, can save my life in an emergency situation. On the drive itself, is my updated medical issues, current meds, meds I can not take, my doctors, etc. ER doctors love it.

East Weymouth, MA

I would buy this product again


I like the product and it looks good on both boys If I could I would like another receipt if you wouldn't mine I misplaced the one I had I like to keep it in case I need to send it back for proof of purchase. thank you Diane Battista

Cheektowaga NewYork 14225

Not real pleased with this product


The bathtub stopper chain sent is is too short even though I ordered the longest one offered. The engraving is so faint that I had to fill in the engraving with black enamel to make it readable. The thumb drive connection is not the best but given the thinness of the pendant it can't have the proper USB connector. I wear it all the time except for showering because it does not interfere with my activities like the bracelet. Overall it's OK but I wish is was a little better for the money.


I'm pleased with my Dog Tag ID


To get help if I am found unconscious.

Seattle, WA

This is my second Medical ID


Really sturdy unit, had an identical necklace for 8 years. Logo was worn off before year one ended and I had to engrave a logo on it so someone would know what it was.

Fort Worth, TX


If I knew the ID existed, I would have purchased sooner.


This is a very practical way to carry medical and physicians' information.

St. Louis, MO


I woould reccomend tthis this product


I have been recently diagnosed as a diabectic and it seems the older I get the more medications the doctor assigns me this has become a life saver instead of carrying around a flimsy piece of paper in my walet



Would not buy again


Poor workmanship front and back plate fell off the day I received super glued back on now USB will not slide out

Smithfield va


Good Idea but software falls short


The product looks good and is a great Idea. But the program to load medical data is outdated.It doesn't adjust to the screen resolution. Medical ID recommends to adjust your screen to a lower resolution.I'm sure the emergency room DR. will do that when they try and read your information. The program had limits on how much information can be placed in a field like medications it only allowed 3 for me. What I did was formatted the usb stick, entered my data in an excel table saved it as a PDF and put it on the usb stick.



Engraved USB Dog Tag ID on Bead Chain 28 inch

4.3 99


Engraved USB Dog Tag ID on Bead Chain 24 inch

As seen on The Doctors and endorsed by Dr. Travis Stork. Watch Now

Introducing the USB Dog Tag ID...the first ever engravable USB/Medical ID!

  • Engrave your most important medical details on the surface of the dog tag medical ID
  • Enter and store the rest of your medical information on the 2GB USB flash drive portable personal health file
  • Password protected, pre-loaded forms - simple to set up and update
  • Personalized engraving for just $7

Additional Information

Weight 22g
Emblem Color No
Age Group Teen / Adult
Gender Male
ID Size No
Metal Type Stainless Steel
Chain Color Silver
Chain Style No
Additional Info No
Warranty Yes