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Dog Tags

Tried and true, dog tag medical ID necklaces are a classic style that endures. Enjoy this military-inspired look and ample space for your custom engravings. These custom dog tags come in a variety of styles in stainless steel, titanium, sterling silver, and gold.

Dog Tags

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  1. Stainless Steel Dog Tag Embossed
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Medical ID Dog Tags Engraved to Your Needs

When it comes to engraving your medical ID dog tag, you can trust that American Medical ID has you covered. In addition to state-of-the-art laser engraving machines, we also offer unparalleled live customer service to assist before, during, and after your order as needed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my medical ID dog tags personalized?

Yes, when you complete your dog tag medical ID order online or over the phone, we will take your custom engraving information provided and personalize your product for you.


How is medical information displayed on a medical alert bracelet?

The information is displayed via laser engraving which helps ensure that your medical ID information is easy to read and durable for long-term daily wear.


What do I put on a medical bracelet?

Include important medical information, especially if it would impact your treatment from a medical professional unfamiliar with your specific needs. For engraving consider your name, conditions, medications, allergies, emergency contact information, and anything else that would be relevant in an emergency.


Should I still carry a medical alert card if I’m wearing medical alert dog tags?

Carrying an expandable wallet card in addition to your medical ID is a great idea if you have additional medical information that would be helpful for a first responder or medical professional. Make sure that your engraved dog tag contains the phrase “See Wallet Card” to ensure that someone who reads the dog tag will know to also look for the wallet card.


What does the symbol on these medical ID bracelets mean?

The symbol commonly found on medical IDs is either a caduceus or star of hope, both which represent medical information. When emergency medical personnel arrive to a person in medical distress they will search their wrists and neck for medical ID jewelry which will be differentiated with the symbols (as opposed to non-medical jewelry).

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