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Onyx Silicone Sleek Bracelet on Blue Silicone 8 inch


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Step up your game with our new interchangeable onyx ID. Composed of durable stainless steel and sweat-proof silicone bands, this ID is both practical and attractive.

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I live a very active life style, lots of outdoors, and my job is very physically demanding. I needed a bracelet that would fit well and could handle a rough day :) I also love that it is discrete and looks just like another bracelet. I have to wear mine everyday, so this is nice, and it is easy to keep clean. Thank you!


Great for young people


Very stylish for a young person that doesn't want to stand out.

Muskegon, MI

Great silicone ID bracelet


I measuredmy wrist but this is too big. Otherwise it is exactly what I wanted.


Seemed a bit cheap for the price.


The words are quite small and a little difficult to read. Comfortable to wear.


I would buy another bracelet


I like the bracelet, but I am not sure if it is worth what I paid for it. I will buy a more expensive looking one next time.

Silver Spring, MD

Nice quality and fast delivery.


Great product




Great for my daughter

Piscataway NJ

I would recommend this to others


I wear the product on my rist and it's very comfortable fitting but the words look like they will fade at any time or any day now

Piedmont MO

My son, loved his bracelet. The bracelet thend to run small


We ordered it for our 24 year old Son.

The Woodlands, Texas

Perfect medical alert bracelet for an active adult!!


Very comfortable, colorful, fun and practical medic alert bracelet! I love the multi-band pack, I love having different color options for different occasions. I picked the onyx color because it showed the black(onyx) plate on a beautiful, bright blue band(I love the black and blue color combination), but the blue band in the multi-pack was a darker shade of blue than the website advertises. Love the bracelet and the practicality, but very disappointed that the beautiful, bright blue band advertised turned out to be a darker, almost navy-colored blue..I REALLY wanted the bright blue band advertised on your website! Overall, very comfortable and beautiful, the onyx plate is very easy to read and the silicone bracelets are very durable and last for a very long time! The plate is a little difficult to attach/detach from silicone bracelet(you have to stretch bracelet very thin to attach while trying to manipulate the small plate onto it without shooting the band or plate out of your hands), but once you get it on and off a few times, the procedure is a lot less difficult. Even though hard to attach/detach plate, it's a good thing that it is that way, you know it's definitely not going to just fall off on its own!! :) This is the first medic alert bracelet I've had in a decade that hasn't torn up, scratched or pinched my wrist(I've torn up 4 different types of bracelets from the medic alert brand in the past with great ease, or the bracelets would pinch or scratch my wrists!). Would definitely recommend this product to family and friends due to the great, quality workmanship and the sheer everyday comfort of this bracelet! Also, I have sensitive skin and so far no irritation has occurred from the stainless steel metal plate that barely touches my arm on the back of the band! Will definitely buy this again in the future! (Hopeful that you guys get a prettier shade of blue!!)

Blythe, Georgia


3.7 41


Onyx Silicone Sleek Bracelet on Blue Silicone 8 inch

Step up your game with our new interchangeable onyx ID. Composed of durable stainless steel and sweat-proof silicone bands, this ID is both practical and attractive.

  • Interchangeable silicone bands - Available in multiple sizes and fun colors
  • Fit standard width "cause" bracelets (like LIVESTRONG or Susan G. Komen)
  • White medical emblem displayed on ID
  • Purchase 9 band colors in a bundle pack

Additional Information

Weight 11g
Emblem Color White
Age Group Teen / Adult
Gender Unisex
ID Size No
Metal Type Stainless Steel
Chain Color Blue
Chain Style No
Additional Info No
Warranty Yes