Tips to Consider When Choosing a Medical ID

A medical ID is one of the most important pieces of jewelry you can own. It is designed to speak for you when you can’t. Since it’s a piece of jewelry you’ll wear every day, there are some features you need to consider when purchasing one.

  • Where will you wear it? EMS personnel are trained to look around the neck and the wrists, so you should start here. Do you prefer necklaces or bracelets? An ID necklace may be a little more discreet and a bracelet will be easier for medical professionals to see.
  • How durable is it? A necklace tends not to scratch nearly as much as a bracelet. For particularly active lifestyles, consider a stainless steel style.
  • Do you have any metal allergies? Bracelets with fabric behind the metal IDs so that the metal doesn’t touch your skin are best.
  • How much information do you have to engrave? Some of our styles only offer engraving on one side. If you need several lines of engraving, consider a style that accommodates your needs like our classic bracelets or dog tag necklaces.
  • Do you love it? If you’re going to wear an ID daily, you need to choose a style and color that you are comfortable with and you really like.