Partner Affiliate Program

American Medical ID partners primarily with retail pharmacies, nonprofit organizations and health insurers, to make high quality, custom medical IDs available to customers, members, patients and caregivers who are candidates for a medical ID.

American Medical ID provides uniquely coded medical ID order forms for display or distribution and/or a unique online link for tracking sales. We pay a commission on sales generated from retail locations, Web site, membership or other distribution. The commission may be passed along as a discount to constituents.

There is no purchase or inventory necessary for affiliate organizations.

Program Guidelines

  • Initial supply of medical ID order forms; potential re-supply every 6 months
  • Online tracking link provided
  • Quarterly sales reporting and commission checks
  • Checks under $100 will not be issued; approximately 10 orders per quarter required
  • Retail pharmacies to generate one order per store per quarter for 50% of locations
  • Newsletter content available
  • Special programs exploration
Please contact:

Carthy Flowers
OR 800.363.5985

American Medical ID
949 Wakefield Ste. 100
Houston, Texas 77018

Fax 713.695.7358

Or learn about our Online Affiliate Program.