Help with Engraving My Medical ID

Most jewelers or engravers charge by the word or the line. For only a $7 flat rate, we’ll engrave as much information as you can fit on your ID, front and/or back included. Below are some important tips to keep in mind about your medical ID engraving.

Carefully considering what to engrave on your ID is important because your ID conveys critical information to those around you who can call for help, and that first responders need to treat you quickly in an emergency.

Engraving on your ID should be comprehensive, but also easy to read and not over-crowded. Here are the five most important things to engrave on your medical ID:

  1. Medical Condition
    Any condition that would affect medical treatment needs to be engraved. Examples: diabetes, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s or other dementia, heart conditions, transplant patient, and more.
  2. Allergies
    Any substance that can cause severe allergic reactions should be engraved to help you avoid them, and to prevent first responders from administering them. Examples: Top 8 food allergies, insect stings, and medications like penicillin.
  3. Medications
    Any prescribed medications you take regularly need to be engraved to prevent bad reactions or to explain certain behavior. Examples: blood thinners and insulin.
  4. Name
    Including your name on your ID gives responders a quick way to identify and address you as they begin treatment. Caregivers: consider adding your name to the ID of the person you care for as well as theirs.
  5. Phone Number
    We strongly recommend adding an ICE (in case of emergency) phone number to IDs for children, people with autism or dementia, or anyone who has a caregiver who should be contacted in an emergency.

Engraving Checklist

  • Verify with your doctor to help you decide what is most medically important to include.
  • Make sure the engraving fits on the ID you select. Abbreviations are fine as long as they can be understood.
  • Be sure conditions, medications and allergies are spelled correctly before you purchase your ID.
  • Check out our downloadable infographic, What to Engrave on Your ID.