Veterans Receive a Free Medical ID

We believe everyone who needs a medical ID should have one. The Department of Veterans Affairs agrees with us, and has issued a directive allowing all veterans who need a medical ID to be provided one free of charge. The Veterans Health Administration will cover the cost of an ID for veteran patients whose pertinent medical information would be valuable to emergency medical care providers.

Click here to read the full directive.

Medical IDs for Veterans

Medical ID jewelry is probably the last thing on your mind after serving your country. But being easily identified as having a medical condition can be very important for veterans who have chronic conditions like diabetes, food or drug allergies, heart conditions, PTSD, dementia, or suffer from injuries including embedded metal fragments.

Knowledge Can Save a Life

Medical IDs are a simple way to alert rescuers, first-aid staff, and other medical professionals of your condition, indicating appropriate action to take during an emergency. They can even be the difference between life and death in emergency situations when the wearer may not be able to speak or communicate. In these cases, the medical ID can silently inform the attending medical personnel of the disease and need for specialized treatment.

How to Get Your Free ID:

  • Download this information sheet to bring to your clinician.
  • Preview the available styles - shown at right
  • Visit a clinician at your local VA clinic.
    VA Clinic Locator

The clinician you visit will put in a request for a purchasing agent in the Prosthetic and Sensory Aids Service to process. Your ID will be shipped to your home office once the order is complete.